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Abbott, S. ORCID:, Smith, Elizabeth ORCID:, Tighe, B. and Lycett, D. ORCID: (2021) Group versus one‐to‐one multi‐component lifestyle interventions for weight management: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials. Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, 34 (3) . pp. 485-493. ISSN 0952-3871 [Article] (doi:10.1111/jhn.12853)

Adams, Martin Clifford (2021) On learning from experience: existential perspectives on teaching and writing about Psychotherapy. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Ahmadi Lari, Helnaz, Foroudi, Pantea ORCID: and Imani, Saheb (2021) Behavioural intentions in the UK fashion industry: the impact of perceived fashion innovativeness on fashion brand image with the moderating role of social media marketing and lovemark. In: Building Corporate Identity, Image and Reputation in the Digital Era. Melewar, T. C., Dennis, Charles ORCID: and Foroudi, Pantea ORCID:, eds. Routledge Studies in Marketing . Routledge, London, pp. 307-346. ISBN 9780367531232, e-ISBN 9781003080572, pbk-ISBN 9780367531249. [Book Section] (doi:10.4324/9781003080572-15)

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Al-Jawad, Ahmed, Comsa, Ioan-Sorin, Shah, Purav ORCID:, Gemikonakli, Orhan ORCID: and Trestian, Ramona ORCID: (2021) An innovative reinforcement learning-based framework for quality of service provisioning over multimedia-based SDN environments. IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting . ISSN 0018-9316 [Article] (Published online first) (doi:10.1109/TBC.2021.3099728)

Ali, Kamran ORCID:, Nguyen, Huan X. ORCID:, Vien, Quoc-Tuan ORCID:, Shah, Purav ORCID:, Raza, Mohsin ORCID:, Paranthaman, Vishnu Vardhan, Er-Rahmadi, Btissam, Awais, Muhammad ORCID:, Islam, Saif ul and Rodrigues, Joel J. P. C. (2021) Review and implementation of resilient public safety networks: 5G, IoT and emerging technologies. IEEE network, 35 (2) . pp. 18-25. ISSN 0890-8044 [Article] (doi:10.1109/MNET.011.2000418)

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Andriotis, Konstantinos ORCID:, Foroudi, Pantea ORCID: and Marvi, Reza (2021) Heritage destination love. Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal, 24 (2) . pp. 240-259. ISSN 1352-2752 [Article] (doi:10.1108/QMR-03-2020-0038)

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Angelovski, Andrej ORCID:, Brandts, Jordi and Sola Belda, Carles (2021) Equal and unequal profit sharing in highly interdependent work groups: a laboratory experiment. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 184 . pp. 232-252. ISSN 0167-2681 [Article] (doi:10.1016/j.jebo.2021.01.024)

Apostolopoulos, Vasso ORCID:, Bojarska, Joanna ORCID:, Chai, Tsun-Thai ORCID:, Elnagdy, Sherif ORCID:, Kaczmarek, Krzysztof ORCID:, Matsoukas, John, New, Roger ORCID:, Parang, Keykavous ORCID:, Lopez, Octavio Paredes ORCID:, Parhiz, Hamideh, Perera, Conrad O., Pickholz, Monica, Remko, Milan, Saviano, Michele, Skwarczynski, Mariusz ORCID:, Tang, Yefeng, Wolf, Wojciech M., Yoshiya, Taku ORCID:, Zabrocki, Janusz, Zielenkiewicz, Piotr ORCID:, AlKhazindar, Maha ORCID:, Barriga, Vanessa, Kelaidonis, Konstantinos, Sarasia, Elham Mousavinezhad and Toth, Istvan (2021) A global review on short peptides: frontiers and perspectives. Molecules, 26 (2) , 430. pp. 1-45. ISSN 1420-3049 [Article] (doi:10.3390/molecules26020430)

Arboix-Alió, Jordi, Bishop, Chris ORCID:, Benet, Ariadna, Buscà, Bernat, Aguilera-Castells, Joan and Fort-Vanmeerhaeghe, Azahara ORCID: (2021) Assessing the magnitude and direction of asymmetry in unilateral jump and change of direction speed tasks in youth female team-sport athletes. Journal of Human Kinetics, 79 (1) . pp. 15-27. ISSN 1899-7562 [Article] (doi:10.2478/hukin-2021-0061)

Arede, Jorge, Leite, Nuno, Tous-Fajardo, Julio, Bishop, Chris ORCID: and Gonzalo-Skok, Oliver (2021) Enhancing high-intensity actions during a basketball game after a strength training program with random recovery times between sets. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research . ISSN 1064-8011 [Article] (Published online first) (doi:10.1519/JSC.0000000000004002)

Armsby, Pauline M. ORCID:, Costley, Carol ORCID: and Weller, Gordon ORCID: (2021) The role of practice in doctoral degrees. Research in Post-Compulsory Education, 26:3, 257-273, ISSN 1359-6748. [Journal Guest Editorial] (doi:10.1080/13596748.2021.1920258)

Asmussen Frank, Vibeke, Thom, Betsy ORCID: and Herold, Maria Dich (2021) "Some of us need to be taken care of": young adults' perspectives on support and help in drug reducing interventions in coercive contexts in Denmark and the UK. Drugs: Education, Prevention and Policy, 28 (1) . pp. 17-25. ISSN 0968-7637 [Article] (doi:10.1080/09687637.2020.1771285)

Attenborough, Julie Anne (2021) Nursing on the edge: nursing identity in liminal spaces. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Augusto, Juan Carlos ORCID:, ed. (2021) Handbook of Smart Cities. Springer Nature, Cham, Switzerland. ISBN 9783030696979, e-ISBN 9783030696986, pbk-ISBN 9783030696993, e-ISBN 9783030151454. [Book] (doi:10.1007/978-3-030-69698-6)

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Augusto, Juan Carlos ORCID: and Dickins, Thomas E. ORCID: (2021) The Life-cycle of artificial contexts. Modeling and Using Context, 4 (Sp Iss) . pp. 1-7. ISSN 2514-5711 [Article] (doi:10.21494/ISTE.OP.2021.0685)


Bace, Edward ORCID: (2021) Foreword [to Bank Asset Liability Management Best Practice]. In: Bank Asset Liability Management Best Practice: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. Bardaeva, Polina, ed. The Moorad Choudhry Global Banking Series . Walter de Gruyter gmbH, Osnabrueck, IX-X. ISBN 9783110666540, e-ISBN 9783110669763, e-ISBN 9783110666601. [Book Section] (doi:10.1515/9783110669763-203)

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Bailey-Rodriguez, Deborah ORCID: (2021) Qualitatively-driven mixed methods approaches to counselling and psychotherapy research. Counselling and Psychotherapy Research, 21 (1) . pp. 143-153. ISSN 1473-3145 [Article] (doi:10.1002/capr.12383)

Baiocco, Roberto ORCID:, Pezzella, Alfonso ORCID:, Pistella, Jessica ORCID:, Kouta, Christiana ORCID:, Rousou, Elena ORCID:, Rocamora-Perez, Patricia ORCID:, López-Liria, Remedios ORCID:, Dudau, Victor ORCID:, Doru, Ana Maria ORCID:, Kuckert-Wöstheinrich, Andrea ORCID:, Ziegler, Sabine ORCID:, Nielsen, Dorthe ORCID:, Bay, Laila Twisttmann ORCID: and Papadopoulos, Irena ORCID: (2021) LGBT+ Training needs for health and social care professionals: a cross-cultural comparison among seven European countries. Sexuality Research and Social Policy . ISSN 1868-9884 [Article] (doi:10.1007/s13178-020-00521-2)

Bakkes, Deon K., Ropiquet, Anne ORCID:, Chitimia-Dobler, Lidia, Matloa, Dikeledi E., Apanaskevich, Dmitry A., Horak, Ivan G., Mans, Ben J. and Matthee, Conrad A. (2021) Adaptive radiation and speciation in Rhipicephalus ticks: a medley of novel hosts, nested predator-prey food webs, off-host periods and dispersal along temperature variation gradients. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 162 , 107178. pp. 1-23. ISSN 1055-7903 [Article] (doi:10.1016/j.ympev.2021.107178)

Balasubramanian, Sreejith ORCID:, Kaitheri, Supriya, Nanath, Krishnadas ORCID:, Sreejith, Sony and Paris, Cody Morris ORCID: (2021) Examining post COVID-19 tourist concerns using sentiment analysis and topic modeling. Wörndl, Wolfgang, Koo, Chulmo and Stienmetz, Jason L., eds. Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism 2021: Proceedings of the ENTER 2021 eTourism Conference, January 19–22, 2021. In: ENTER 2021 eTourism Conference, 19-21 Jan 2021, Virtual. pbk-ISBN 9783030657840, e-ISBN 9783030657857. [Conference or Workshop Item] (doi:10.1007/978-3-030-65785-7_54)

Balasubramanian, Sreejith ORCID:, Shukla, Vinaya ORCID:, Mangla, Sachin and Chanchaichujit, Janya (2021) Do firm characteristics affect environmental sustainability? A literature review‐based assessment. Business Strategy and the Environment, 30 (2) . pp. 1389-1416. ISSN 0964-4733 [Article] (doi:10.1002/bse.2692)

Balasubramanian, Sreejith ORCID:, Shukla, Vinaya ORCID:, Sethi, Jaspreet Singh ORCID:, Islam, Nazrul ORCID: and Saloum, Roy (2021) A readiness assessment framework for Blockchain adoption: a healthcare case study. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 165 , 120536. pp. 1-16. ISSN 0040-1625 [Article] (doi:10.1016/j.techfore.2020.120536)

Ball, David J. ORCID: and Ball-King, Laurence (2021) Health, the outdoors and safety. Sustainability, 13 (8) , e4274. pp. 1-11. ISSN 2071-1050 [Article] (doi:10.3390/su13084274)

Bampouras, Theodoros M., Wilson, Andrew J. and Papadopoulos, Konstantinos ORCID: (2021) Upper limb muscle strength and knee frontal plane projection angle asymmetries in female water-polo players. Sports Biomechanics . ISSN 1476-3141 [Article] (doi:10.1080/14763141.2021.1956577)

Bannerman, Christopher ORCID: and Gladstone, Emma (2021) Dance Umbrella at 40 and beyond. [Digital artefact]

Bannerman, Christopher ORCID:, Wang, Y. and Xu, R. (2021) ArtsCross Beijing 2019: Beyond the Clouds. [Digital artefact]

Barendrecht, Marlies H. ORCID:, McCarthy, Simon ORCID: and Viglione, Alberto ORCID: (2021) A comparative analysis of the relationship between flood experience and private flood mitigation behaviour in the regions of England. Journal of Flood Risk Management, 14 (2) , e12700. pp. 1-12. ISSN 1753-318X [Article] (doi:10.1111/jfr3.12700)

Bastida, Maria, Pinto, Luisa Helena and Harzing, Anne-Wil ORCID: (2021) No room at the top? A system dynamics view of the recursive consequences of women’s underrepresentation in international assignments. Journal of Global Mobility: The Home of Expatriate Management Research . ISSN 2049-8799 [Article] (Published online first) (doi:10.1108/JGM-04-2021-0047)

Battaglia, Marianna, Chabé-Ferret, Bastien ORCID: and Lebedinski, Lara (2021) Segregation, fertility, and son preference: the case of the Roma in Serbia. Journal of Demographic Economics, 87 (2) . pp. 233-260. ISSN 2054-0892 [Article] (Published online first) (doi:10.1017/dem.2020.8)

Bayford, Richard ORCID:, Damaso, Rui, Neshatvar, Nazanin ORCID:, Ivanenko, Yevhen, Rademacher, Thomas W., Wu, Yu, Seifnaraghi, Nima, Ghali, Lucy ORCID:, Patel, Nakul, Roitt, Ivan, Nordebo, Sven and Demosthenous, Andreas (2021) Locating functionalized gold nanoparticles using electrical impedance tomography. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering . ISSN 0018-9294 [Article] (Published online first) (doi:10.1109/TBME.2021.3100256)

Beato, Marco, Maroto, Sergio, Turner, Anthony N. ORCID: and Bishop, Chris ORCID: (2021) Implementing strength training strategies for injury prevention in soccer: scientific rationale and methodological recommendations. International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, 16 (3) . pp. 456-461. ISSN 1555-0265 [Article] (doi:10.1123/ijspp.2020-0862)

Beattie, Rebecca Mary (2021) Looking for Mary Webb: Part one - Creating a lost diary; Part two - A single violet: the lost diaries of Mary Webb. PhD thesis, Middlesex University. [Thesis]

Bechange, Stevens ORCID:, Jolley, Emma, Tobi, Patrick ORCID:, Mailu, Eunice, Sentongo, Juliet, Chulu, Titamenji, Abony, Maurice, Chege, Moses, Mulenga, Glenda, Ngorok, Johnson, Adera, Tesfaye and Schmidt, Elena (2021) Understanding patient health-seeking behaviour to optimise the uptake of cataract surgery in rural Kenya, Zambia and Uganda: findings from a multisite qualitative study. International Health . ISSN 1876-3413 [Article] (Published online first) (doi:10.1093/inthealth/ihab061)

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Bejarano, Hernan, Gillet, Joris ORCID: and Rodriguez-Lara, Ismael (2021) Trust and trustworthiness after negative random shocks. Journal of Economic Psychology, 86 , 102422. ISSN 0167-4870 [Article] (doi:10.1016/j.joep.2021.102422)

Bell, Linda, Lewis-Brooke, Sarah, Herring, Rachel ORCID:, Lehane, Lynne and O'Farrell-Pearce, Sioban (2021) Mothers' voices: hearing and assessing the contributions of 'birth mothers' to the development of social work interventions and family support. The British Journal of Social Work, 51 (6) . pp. 2019-2037. ISSN 0045-3102 [Article] (doi:10.1093/bjsw/bcaa138)

Bendechache, Malika, Lohar, Pintu, Xie, Guodong, Brennan, Rob, Trestian, Ramona ORCID:, Celeste, Edoardo, Kapanova, Kristina, Jayasekera, Evgeniia and Tal, Irina (2021) Public attitudes towards privacy in COVID-19 times in the Republic of Ireland: a pilot study. Information Security Journal: A Global Perspective, 30 (5) . pp. 281-293. ISSN 1939-3555 [Article] (doi:10.1080/19393555.2021.1956650)

Beran, Magdalena ORCID:, Muzambi, Rutendo, Geraets, Anouk, Albertorio, Juan, Adriaanse, Marcel C., Iversen, Marjolein M., Kokoszka, Andrzej, Nefs, Giesje ORCID:, Nouwen, Arie ORCID:, Pouwer, Frans ORCID:, Huber, Jörg W., Schmitt, Andreas ORCID: and Schram, Miranda T. (2021) The bidirectional longitudinal association between depressive symptoms and HbA 1c : a systematic review and meta‐analysis. Diabetic Medicine , e14671. ISSN 0742-3071 [Article] (Published online first) (doi:10.1111/dme.14671)

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Bhattacharjee, Natalia V., Schaeffer, Lauren E. ORCID:, Hay, Simon I. ORCID:, Lu, Dan, Schipp, Megan F., Lazzar-Atwood, Alice, Donkers, Katie M., Abady, Gdiom Gebreheat, Abd-Allah, Foad, Abdelalim, Ahmed, Abebo, Zeleke Hailemariam, Abejie, Ayenew Negesse, Abosetugn, Akine Eshete, Abreu, Lucas Guimarães, Abrigo, Michael R. M., Abu-Gharbieh, Eman, Abushouk, Abdelrahman I., Adamu, Aishatu L., Adedeji, Isaac Akinkunmi, Adegbosin, Adeyinka Emmanuel, Adekanmbi, Victor, Adetokunboh, Olatunji O., Agudelo-Botero, Marcela, Aji, Budi, Akinyemi, Oluwaseun Oladapo, Alamneh, Alehegn Aderaw, Alanezi, Fahad Mashhour, Alanzi, Turki M., Albright, James, Alcalde-Rabanal, Jacqueline Elizabeth, Alemu, Biresaw Wassihun, Alhassan, Robert Kaba, Ali, Beriwan Abdulqadir, Ali, Saqib, Alinia, Cyrus, Alipour, Vahid, Amit, Arianna Maever L., Amugsi, Dickson A., Anbesu, Etsay Woldu, Ancuceanu, Robert, Anjomshoa, Mina, Ansari, Fereshteh, Antonio, Carl Abelardo T., Anvari, Davood, Arabloo, Jalal, Arora, Amit, Artanti, Kurnia Dwi, Asemahagn, Mulusew A., Asmare, Wondwossen Niguse, Atout, Maha Moh’d Wahbi, Ausloos, Marcel, Awoke, Nefsu, Quintanilla, Beatriz Paulina Ayala, Ayanore, Martin Amogre, Aynalem, Yared Asmare, Ayza, Muluken Altaye, Azene, Zelalem Nigussie, Darshan, B. B., Badiye, Ashish D., Baig, Atif Amin, Bakkannavar, Shankar M., Banach, Maciej, Banik, Palash Chandra, Bärnighausen, Till Winfried, Basaleem, Huda, Bayati, Mohsen, Baye, Bayisa Abdissa, Bedi, Neeraj, Belay, Sefealem Assefa, Bhagavathula, Akshaya Srikanth, Bhandari, Dinesh, Bhardwaj, Nikha, Bhardwaj, Pankaj, Bhutta, Zulfiqar A., Bijani, Ali, Birhan, Tsegaye Adane, Birihane, Binyam Minuye, Bitew, Zebenay Workneh, Bohlouli, Somayeh, Bohluli, Mahdi, Bojia, Hunduma Amensisa, Boloor, Archith, Brady, Oliver J., Bragazzi, Nicola Luigi, Brunoni, Andre R., Budhathoki, Shyam S., Nagaraja, Sharath Burugina, Butt, Zahid A., Cárdenas, Rosario, Castaldelli-Maia, Joao Mauricio, Castro, Franz, Cernigliaro, Achille, Charan, Jaykaran, Chatterjee, Pranab, Chatterjee, Souranshu, Chattu, Vijay Kumar, Chaturvedi, Sarika, Chowdhury, Mohiuddin Ahsanul Kabir, Chu, Dinh-Toi, Collison, Michael L., Cook, Aubrey J., Cork, Michael A., Couto, Rosa A. 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