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Adamson, Maria and Johansson, Marjana (2016) Compositions of professionalism in counselling work: an embodied intersectionality framework. Human Relations, 69 (12) . pp. 2201-2223. ISSN 0018-7267 [Article] (doi:10.1177/0018726716639118)

Baruch, Yehuda and Holtom, Brooks C. (2008) Survey response rate levels and trends in organizational research. Human Relations, 61 (8) . pp. 1139-1160. ISSN 0018-7267 [Article] (doi:10.1177/0018726708094863)

Croucher, Richard ORCID logoORCID:, Brookes, Michael, Wood, Geoffrey and Brewster, Chris (2010) Context, strategy and financial participation: a comparative analysis. Human Relations, 63 (6) . pp. 835-855. ISSN 0018-7267 [Article] (doi:10.1177/0018726709343654)

Dashtipour, Parisa ORCID logoORCID:, Frost, Nollaig and Traynor, Michael ORCID logoORCID: (2021) The idealization of 'compassion' in trainee nurses' talk: a psychosocial focus group study. Human Relations, 74 (12) . pp. 2102-2125. ISSN 0018-7267 [Article] (doi:10.1177/0018726720952150)

Flynn, Matthew, Upchurch, Martin ORCID logoORCID:, Muller-Camen, Michael and Schroeder, Heike (2013) Trade union responses to ageing workforces in the UK and Germany. Human Relations, 66 (1) . pp. 45-64. ISSN 0018-7267 [Article] (doi:10.1177/0018726712464801)

Greer, Ian, Schulte, Lisa and Symon, Graham (2018) Creaming and parking in marketized employment services: an Anglo-German comparison. Human Relations, 71 (11) . pp. 1427-1453. ISSN 0018-7267 [Article] (doi:10.1177/0018726717745958)

Jackson, Terence (2001) Cultural values and management ethics: a ten nation study. Human Relations, 54 (10) . pp. 1267-1302. ISSN 0018-7267 [Article]

Kossek, Ellen E., Lewis, Suzan ORCID logoORCID: and Hammer, Leslie B. (2010) Work-life initiatives and organizational change: overcoming mixed messages to move from the margin to the mainstream. Human Relations, 63 (1) . pp. 3-19. ISSN 0018-7267 [Article] (doi:10.1177/0018726709352385)

Lewis, Suzan ORCID logoORCID: and Smithson, Janet (2001) Sense of entitlement to support for the reconciliation of employment and family life. Human Relations, 54 (11) . pp. 1455-1481. ISSN 0018-7267 [Article] (doi:10.1177/00187267015411003)

Muller-Camen, Michael, Croucher, Richard ORCID logoORCID:, Flynn, Matthew and Schroeder, Heike (2011) National institutions and employers' age management practices in Britain and Germany: path dependence and option exploration. Human Relations, 64 (4) . pp. 507-530. ISSN 0018-7267 [Article] (doi:10.1177/0018726710396246)

Muller-Camen, Michael, Tempel, Anne, Ferner, Anthony and Edwards, Tony (2006) Subsidiary responses to institutional duality: collective representation practices of US multinationals in Britain and Germany. Human Relations, 59 (11) . pp. 1543-1570. ISSN 0018-7267 [Article] (doi:10.1177/0018726706072863)

Ozturk, Mustafa Bilgehan (2011) Sexual orientation discrimination: exploring the experiences of lesbian, gay and bisexual employees in Turkey. Human Relations, 64 (8) . pp. 1099-1118. ISSN 0018-7267 [Article] (doi:10.1177/0018726710396249)

Riach, Kathleen, Rumens, Nick and Tyler, Melissa (2016) Towards a Butlerian methodology: undoing organizational performativity through anti-narrative research. Human Relations, 69 (11) . pp. 2069-2089. ISSN 0018-7267 [Article] (doi:10.1177/0018726716632050)

Rumens, Nick (2012) Queering cross-sex friendships: an analysis of gay and bisexual men's workplace friendships with heterosexual women. Human Relations, 65 (8) . pp. 955-978. ISSN 0018-7267 [Article] (doi:10.1177/0018726712442427)

Rumens, Nick (2010) Workplace friendships between men: gay men's perspectives and experiences. Human Relations, 63 (10) . pp. 1541-1562. ISSN 0018-7267 [Article] (doi:10.1177/0018726710361987)

Rumens, Nick and Kerfoot, Deborah (2009) Gay men at work: (re)constructing the self as professional. Human Relations, 62 (5) . pp. 763-786. ISSN 0018-7267 [Article] (doi:10.1177/0018726709103457)

Soylu, Soydan ORCID logoORCID: and Sheehy-Skeffington, Jennifer (2015) Asymmetric intergroup bullying: the enactment and maintenance of societal inequality at work. Human Relations, 68 (7) . pp. 1099-1129. ISSN 0018-7267 [Article] (doi:10.1177/0018726714552001)

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