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Bannerman, Christopher ORCID logoORCID: and Gladstone, Emma (2021) Dance Umbrella at 40 and beyond. [Digital artefact]

Bannerman, Christopher ORCID logoORCID:, Wang, Y. and Xu, R. (2021) ArtsCross Beijing 2019: Beyond the Clouds. [Digital artefact]


Bacon, T. J. ORCID logoORCID: (2020) T. J. Bacon reflects on CHTHONIC. In: Emergency index: an annual document of performance practice. Guttenplan, Zoe, ed. Emergency INDEX, 9 . Ugly Duckling Presse, New York, US, pp. 286-287. pbk-ISBN 9781946433848. [Book Section]


Bannerman, Christopher ORCID logoORCID:, Wang, Yunyu and Xu, Rui (2019) ArtsCross Beijing 2019 Beyond the Clouds. [Performance]


Bannerman, Christopher ORCID logoORCID: (2018) Co-curating dialogue: on a bridge with Zhuangzi. [Film/Video]

Jeyasingh, Shobana, Miller, Graeme, Hensel, Merle, Dunn, Nina and Abulafia, Yaron (2018) Contagion. [Performance]

Johansson, Ola (2018) Prefigurative performance in American and African AIDS activism. In: Viral Dramaturgies: HIV and AIDS in Performance in the Twenty-First Century. Campbell, Alyson and Gindt, Dirk, eds. Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 255-278. ISBN 9783319703169, e-ISBN 9783319703176, pbk-ISBN 9783030099459. [Book Section] (doi:10.1007/978-3-319-70317-6_12)

Layzell, Richard (2018) The naming. Various venues and organizations. [Other]


Jeyasingh, Shobana (2017) Bayadère The Ninth Life. [Performance]

Jeyasingh, Shobana (2017) Here. [Performance]

Jeyasingh, Shobana (2017) Material men redux. [Performance]

Johansson, Ola (2017) Prefigurative performance in the age of political deception. The Drama Review, 61 (1) . pp. 81-98. ISSN 1054-2043 [Article] (doi:10.1162/DRAM_a_00624)

Layzell, Richard (2017) Korea Town (installation) + The Korean Wave (performance). [Show/Exhibition]

Miller, Graeme (2017) Counterpointer. [Performance]


Bannerman, Christopher ORCID logoORCID:, Wang, Yunyu, Xu, Rui and Jiang, Dong (2016) Intercultural Dialogic Exchange: ArtsCross & Shift of Balance 2014-2020. [Portfolio/Project/Collection]

Boddington, Ghislaine (2016) The games Europe plays. [Show/Exhibition]

Boddington, Ghislaine (2016) skintouchfeel as part of 'Technology Is Not Neutral" exhibition. [Artefact]

Jeyasingh, Shobana (2016) Etudes. [Performance]

Jeyasingh, Shobana (2016) Outlander. [Performance]


Boddington, Ghislaine (2015) FutureFest - Nesta 2015. [Show/Exhibition]

Johansson, Ola (2015) Applied theatre workshop for the “world without war” conference in Auckland. Applied theatre workshop for the 'World without war' conference in Auckland. In: Applied theatre workshop for the 'World without war' conference in Auckland, 17-21 Sep 2015, UNITEC, Auckland, New Zealand. . [Conference or Workshop Item]

Johansson, Ola (2015) Democrativity: beyond measurements of democracy in performance. Democrativity: Beyond Measurements of Democracy in Performance. In: International Federation of Theatre Research, 5-10 Jul 2015, Hyderabad, India. . [Conference or Workshop Item]

Johansson, Ola (2015) Reconsidering the validation, efficacy and title of applied theatre. Reconsidering the Validation, Efficacy and Title of Applied Theatre. In: The Theatre & Performance Research Association (TaPRA) conference, 8-10 Sept 2015, Worchester. . [Conference or Workshop Item]

Johansson, Ola (2015) The democrativity of applied theatre and performance art. The Democrativity of Applied Theatre and Performance Art. In: IFTR (International Federation for Theatre Research), 5-10 Jul 2015, Hyderabad, India. . [Conference or Workshop Item]

Layzell, Richard (2015) Softly Softly. [Show/Exhibition]


Jeyasingh, Shobana (2014) In Flagrante. [Film/Video]

Layzell, Richard and Parker, Janice (2014) Glory. [Performance]

Lee, Rosemary (2014) Under the vaulted sky and Liquid gold is in the air. [Portfolio/Project/Collection]


Bannerman, Christopher ORCID logoORCID: (2013) On curation: the development of Danscross and walking with Zhuangzi, ResCen Website, ResCen Research Centre. ResCen Website . [Article]

Bannerman, Christopher ORCID logoORCID: and Donnelly, Anne (2013) Robert Cohan teaching: body of knowledge. [Digital artefact]

Bannerman, Christopher ORCID logoORCID:, Welton, Martin, Van Huynh, Dam, Buscarini, Riccardo, Tussing, Vera, Guo, Lei, Zhao, Liang, Su, Weichia, Zeng, Huanxin, Tung, Ifen and Ho, Hsiaomei (2013) ArtsCross London 2013 Leaving home: being elsewhere. [Performance]

Boddington, Ghislaine and Proffit, Marie (2013) Women Shift Digital. [Show/Exhibition]


Bannerman, Christopher ORCID logoORCID: (2012) ArtsCross Beijing 2012: light and water. [Performance]

Lee, Rosemary (2012) On taking care: symposium. In: On taking care, 01 Dec 2012, London, UK. . [Conference or Workshop Item]

Miller, Graeme (2012) On air. [Show/Exhibition]

Wallen, Errollyn (2012) Principia. [Composition]

Wallen, Errollyn (2012) Spirit in motion. [Composition]


Bannerman, Christopher ORCID logoORCID:, Zhang, Jianmin, Whitley, Alexander, Zhang, Xiaomei, Lai, Tsui-Shuang, Yao, Shu-Fen, Halsackda, Khamlane, Li, Shanshan, Yu, Yen-Fang, Pagarlava, Bulareyaung and Ayuso, Avatâra (2011) ArtsCross Taipei 2011: Uncertain…waiting…. [Performance]

Layzell, Richard (2011) Falling Phoebe. [Performance]

Lee, Rosemary (2011) Square dances (and Melt down). [Performance]

Wallen, Errollyn and Greer, Bonnie (2011) Yes. [Composition]

Wang, Chuanliang, Bannerman, Christopher ORCID logoORCID:, Xu, Rui, Pan, Li, Mu, Yu, Jin, Hao, Tong, Yan, Qing, Qing, Liu, Chun, Zhang, Ping, Claid, Emilyn, Hutera, Donald, O'Shea, Janet, Rae, Paul, Mezur, Katherine, Inata, Naomi, Wang, Mei, Liu, Yan, Wang, Zihan, Wang, Yabin, Zhao, Zhibo, Guo, Tuantuan, Jiang, Qier and Liu, Jie (2011) Danscross: dancing in a shaking world. The Danscross papers, Beijing 2009. Journal of Beijing Dance Academy . [Article]


Miller, Graeme (2010) Moth theatre. [Show/Exhibition]


Bannerman, Christopher ORCID logoORCID: (2009) Viewing a/new: the landscape of dance in 2009. Research in Dance Education, 10 (3) . pp. 231-240. ISSN 1470-1111 [Article] (doi:10.1080/14647890903347114)

Bannerman, Christopher ORCID logoORCID: and McLaughlin, Cahal (2009) Collaborative ethics in practice-as-research. In: Practice-as research In performance and screen. Fuschini, Ludivine, Jones, Simon, Kershaw, Baz and Piccini, Angela, eds. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke. ISBN 9780230220010. [Book Section]

Bannerman, Christopher ORCID logoORCID: and Xu, Rui (2009) Danscross: dancing in a shaking world. [Performance]

Layzell, Richard (2009) Bricole di Venezia [public art project in Fortuna Park, Colchester]. [Show/Exhibition]

Layzell, Richard (2009) Everyday jewels. [Artefact]

Layzell, Richard (2009) Key notes. [Performance]

Layzell, Richard (2009) One mile squared: the river flows in many directions at the same time. [Show/Exhibition]

Layzell, Richard (2009) The river flows. [Performance]

Lee, Rosemary (2009) Library dances [performed in Cyprus]. [Performance]

Lee, Rosemary and Mann, Terry (2009) Common dance. [Performance]

Miller, Graeme (2009) Bassline: London. [Show/Exhibition]

Miller, Graeme (2009) Beheld. [Show/Exhibition]

Miller, Graeme (2009) Conjunction. [Show/Exhibition]

Miller, Graeme (2009) Requiem for the redhead. [Composition]

Miller, Graeme (2009) The Thinking Path. [Film/Video]

Miller, Graeme (2009) Unbeheld. [Show/Exhibition]

Miller, Graeme (2009) The moment I saw you I knew I could love you. [Composition]

Parker, Janice and Layzell, Richard (2009) Private dancer. [Performance]

Wallen, Errollyn and Wallen, Byron (2009) Wallen. [Performance]


Bannerman, Christopher ORCID logoORCID: (2008) Proximity, wisdom and creativity. In: Creativity, wisdom and trusteeship: exploring the role of education. Craft, Anna, Gardner, Howard and Claxton, Guy, eds. Corwin Press, California, pp. 23-37. ISBN 9781412949392. [Book Section]

Layzell, Richard (2008) Digitalis [permanent exhibition in Shropshire]. [Show/Exhibition]

Layzell, Richard (2008) Suit the action to the word. [Performance]

Layzell, Richard (2008) White on white. [Show/Exhibition]

Layzell, Richard (2008) The manifestation. [Show/Exhibition]

Layzell, Richard (2008) The table. [Film/Video]

Layzell, Richard (2008) Cream pages: the dialogues of Tania Koswycz and Richard Layzell. Sofaer, Joshua, ed. Middlesex University: Res-Cen publications, London. ISBN 9780955059148. [Book]

Lee, Rosemary (2008) Aiming for stewardship and not ownership. In: An Introduction to Community Dance Practice. Amans, Diane, ed. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, pp. 76-86. ISBN 9780230551695. [Book Section]

Miller, Graeme (2008) The flying machine. [Performance]

Wallen, Errollyn and Binias, John (2008) Carbon 12: a choral symphony. [Composition]

Wallen, Errollyn and Farberoff, Dan (2008) Falling. [Composition]


Bannerman, Christopher ORCID logoORCID: (2007) [Digital artefact]

Layzell, Richard (2007) A great technician. In: "Dead History, Live Art? Spectacle, Subjectivity, and Subversion in Visual Culture since the 1960s. Harris, Jonathan, ed. Liverpool University Press, Liverpool, pp. 51-70. ISBN 9780853234388. [Book Section]

Lee, Rosemary (2007) The suchness of Heni and Eddie. [Film/Video]

Wallen, Errollyn (2007) The Silent Twins. [Composition]


Bannerman, Christopher ORCID logoORCID: (2006) Mapping dance provision: Confidential Report for Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). Project Report. Department of Culture, Media and Sport. . [Monograph]

Bannerman, Christopher ORCID logoORCID:, Sofaer, Joshua and Watt, Jane (2006) Navigating the unknown: the creative process in contemporary performing arts. Middlesex University Press / ResCen Publications, Hendon, London. ISBN 9781904750550. [Book]

Miller, Graeme (2006) Held (aka Beheld). [Show/Exhibition]


Broadhead, Caroline and Miller, Graeme (2005) Breathing Space. [Show/Exhibition]

Wallen, Errollyn (2005) About Errollyn: reflections on the artist as creator and performer. [Image]

Wallen, Errollyn (2005) Our English Heart: cantata for soprano solo, male chorus and orchestra. [Performance]


Layzell, Richard (2004) [75 Year] Transition. [Show/Exhibition]

Miller, Graeme (2004) Bassline. [Performance]

Sandiland, Nic ORCID logoORCID: and Lee, Rosemary (2004) Remote dancing. [Film/Video]


Boddington, Ghislaine and Bannerman, Christopher ORCID logoORCID: (2003) Sharing the process: a consideration of interauthorship in the performing arts. Digital Creativity, 15 (2) . pp. 76-80. ISSN 1462-6268 [Article] (doi:10.1080/14626260408520168)

Layzell, Richard (2003) Art Work/Work art. [Performance]

Lee, Rosemary and Hinton, David (2003) Snow. [Film/Video]

Miller, Graeme (2003) Linked: M11 Link Road, London. [Show/Exhibition]

Miller, Graeme (2003) Lonesome Way. [Show/Exhibition]


Lee, Rosemary (2001) Passage. ResCen publications. [Other]

Wallen, Errollyn (2001) Jordan Town. [Performance]


Jones, Simon ORCID logoORCID: (1990) Music and symbolic creativity. In: Common Culture: Symbolic Work at Play in the Everyday Cultures of Young People. Willis, Paul, ed. Oxford University Press, Buckingham, pp. 59-83. ISBN 0335094317. [Book Section]

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