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Staunton, Ciara ORCID:, Slokenberga, Santa, Parziale, Andrea and Mascalzoni, Deborah (2022) Appropriate safeguards and Article 89 of the GDPR: considerations for biobank, databank and genetic research. Frontiers in Genetics, 13 , 719317. pp. 1-10. ISSN 1664-8021 [Article] (doi:10.3389/fgene.2022.719317)

Staunton, Ciara ORCID:, Kösters, Maria, Pramstaller, Peter P. ORCID: and Mascalzoni, Deborah ORCID: (2021) Return of research results (RoRR) to the healthy CHRIS cohort: designing a policy with the participants. Journal of Community Genetics, 12 (4) . pp. 577-592. ISSN 1868-310X [Article] (doi:10.1007/s12687-021-00536-1)

Mascalzoni, Deborah ORCID:, Biasiotto, Roberta, Borsche, Max ORCID:, Brüggemann, Norbert, De Grandi, Alessandro, Goegele, Martin, Frygner-Holm, Sara ORCID:, Klein, Christine, Kösters, Maria, Staunton, Ciara ORCID:, Pramstaller, Peter P. ORCID:, Krawczak, Michael and Hicks, Andrew A. ORCID: (2021) Balancing scientific interests and the rights of participants in designing a recall by genotype study. European Journal of Human Genetics, 29 (7) . pp. 1146-1157. ISSN 1018-4813 [Article] (doi:10.1038/s41431-021-00860-7)

Erikainen, Sonja ORCID:, Friesen, Phoebe, Rand, Leah, Jongsma, Karin ORCID:, Dunn, Michael ORCID:, Sorbie, Annie, McCoy, Matthew ORCID:, Bell, Jessica, Burgess, Michael, Chen, Haidan, Chico, Vicky, Cunningham-Burley, Sarah ORCID:, Darbyshire, Julie ORCID:, Dawson, Rebecca, Evans, Andrew, Fahy, Nick, Finlay, Teresa, Frith, Lucy ORCID:, Goldenberg, Aaron, Hinton, Lisa, Hoppe, Nils, Hughes, Nigel, Koenig, Barbara, Lignou, Sapfo, McGowan, Michelle, Parker, Michael, Prainsack, Barbara, Shabani, Mahsa, Staunton, Ciara ORCID:, Thompson, Rachel, Varnai, Kinga, Vayena, Effy, Williams, Oli, Williamson, Max, Chan, Sarah and Sheehan, Mark (2021) Public involvement in the governance of population-level biomedical research: unresolved questions and future directions. Journal of Medical Ethics, 47 (7) . pp. 522-525. ISSN 0306-6800 [Article] (doi:10.1136/medethics-2020-106530)

Staunton, Ciara ORCID:, Hannay, Emma ORCID:, John, Oomen ORCID:, Johnson, Michael ORCID:, Kadam, Rigveda ORCID:, Sampath, Rangarajan ORCID: and On behalf of, ACT-Accelerator R&D and Digital Working Group (2021) The governance of personal data for COVID-19 response: perspective from the access to COVID-19 tools accelerator. BMJ Global Health, 6 (5) , e006095. pp. 1-3. ISSN 2059-7908 [Article] (doi:10.1136/bmjgh-2021-006095)

Staunton, Ciara ORCID:, Swanepoel, Carmen and Labuschagine, Melodie (2020) Between a rock and a hard place: COVID-19 and South Africa’s response. Journal of Law and the Biosciences, 7 (1) , lsaa052. pp. 1-12. ISSN 2053-9711 [Article] (doi:10.1093/jlb/lsaa052)

Staunton, Ciara ORCID:, Adams, Rachel, Anderson, Dominique, Croxton, Talishiea, Kamuya, Dorcas, Munene, Marianne and Swanepoel, Carmen (2020) Protection of Personal Information Act 2013 and data protection for health research in South Africa. International Data Privacy Law Journal, 10 (2) . pp. 160-179. ISSN 2044-3994 [Article] (doi:10.1093/idpl/ipz024)

Staunton, Ciara ORCID: and de Vries, Jantina (2020) The governance of genomic biobank research in Africa: reframing the regulatory tilt. Journal of Law and Biosciences . pp. 1-20. ISSN 2053-9711 [Article] (Published online first) (doi:10.1093/jlb/lsz018)

Tindana, Paulina ORCID:, Yakubu, Aminu, Staunton, Ciara ORCID:, Matimba, Alice, Littler, Katherine, Madden, Ebony, Munung, Nchangwi Syntia and de Vries, Jantina (2019) Engaging research ethics committees to develop an ethics and governance framework for best practices in genomic research and biobanking in Africa: the H3Africa model [Commentary]. BMC Medical Ethics, 20 (1) . p. 69. ISSN 1472-6939 [Article] (doi:10.1186/s12910-019-0398-2)

Staunton, Ciara ORCID:, Slokenberga, Santa and Mascalzoni, Deborah (2019) The GDPR and the research exemption: considerations on the necessary safeguards for research biobanks. European Journal of Human Genetics, 27 (8) . pp. 1159-1167. ISSN 1018-4813 [Article] (Published online first) (doi:10.1038/s41431-019-0386-5)

Staunton, Ciara ORCID:, Adams, R., Botes, M., Dove, E. S., Horn, L., Labuschaigne, M., Loots, G., Mahomed, S., Makuba, J., Olckers, A., Pepper, M. S., Pope, A., Ramsay, M., Loideain, N. N. and De Vries, J. (2019) Safeguarding the future of genomic research in South Africa: Broad consent and the protection of Personal Information Act No. 4 of 2013. South African Medical Journal, 109 (7) . pp. 468-470. ISSN 0256-9574 [Article] (doi:10.7196/SAMJ.2019.v109i7.14148)

Staunton, Ciara ORCID:, Abayomi, Akin, Bassa, Fatima and Moodley, Keymanthri (2019) Negotiating requests for reimbursement for community engagement: challenges in developing an educational video for genomic biobanking research in South Africa. Journal of Empirical Research on Human Research Ethics . ISSN 1556-2646 [Article] (Published online first) (doi:10.1177/1556264619856223)

Staunton, Ciara ORCID:, Adams, Rachel, Dove, Edward S, Harrriman, Natalie, Horn, Lyn, Labuschaigne, Melodie, Mulder, Nicola, Olckers, Antonel, Pope, Anne, Ramsay, Michele, Swanepoel, Carmen, Ni Loideain, Nora and deVries, Jantina (2019) Ethical and practical issues to consider in the governance of genomic and human research data and data sharing in South Africa: a meeting report. AAS Open Research, 2 (15) . pp. 1-11. ISSN 2515-9321 [Article] (Published online first) (doi:10.12688/aasopenres.12968.1)

Staunton, Ciara ORCID: and De Stadler, E (2019) Protection of personal information Act No. 4 of 2013: Implications for biobanks. South African Medical Journal, 109 (4) . pp. 232-234. ISSN 0256-9574 [Article] (doi:10.7196/SAMJ.2019.v109i4.13617)

Staunton, Ciara ORCID: (2018) "It’s about actually having a proactive regulatory framework versus a reactive one" - stakeholder perspectives on the governance of embryonic stem cell research in Ireland. Medico-Legal Journal of Ireland, 24 (2) . pp. 97-105. ISSN 1393-1792 [Article]

Hendricks, Melany, Nair, Gonasagrie, Staunton, Ciara ORCID:, Pather, Michael, Garrett, Nigel, Baatjies, Dianno, Kidd, Martin and Moodley, Keymanthri (2018) Impact of an educational video as a consent tool on knowledge about cure research among patients and caregivers at HIV clinics in South Africa. Journal of Virus Eradication, 4 (2) . pp. 103-107. ISSN 2055-6640 [Article]

Staunton, Ciara ORCID:, de Roubaix, Malcolm, Baatjies, Dianno, Black, Gill, Hendricks, Melany, Rossouw, Theresa and Moodley, Keymanthri (2018) Ethical challenges in developing an educational video to empower potential participants during consent processes in future HIV cure research in South Africa. Journal of Virus Eradication, 4 (2) . pp. 99-102. ISSN 2055-6640 [Article]

Staunton, Ciara ORCID: (2018) The regulation of stem cell research in Ireland: from the Commission on Assisted Human Reproduction to the Assisted Human Reproduction Bill 2017. Medical Law International, 18 (1) . pp. 35-58. ISSN 0968-5332 [Article] (doi:10.1177/0968533218764543)

Staunton, Ciara ORCID:, Tindana, Paulina, Hendricks, Melany and Moodley, Keymanthri (2018) Rules of engagement: perspectives on stakeholder engagement for genomic biobanking research in South Africa. BMC Medical Ethics, 19 . ISSN 1472-6939 [Article] (doi:10.1186/s12910-018-0252-y)

de Vries, Jantina, Nchangwi Munung, Syntia, Alice, Matimba, Sheryl, McCrudy, Missi Oukem-Boyer, Odile, Staunton, Ciara ORCID:, Aminu, Yakubu and Tindana, Paulina (2017) Regulation of genomic and biobanking research in Africa: a content analysis of ethics guidelines, policies and procedures from 22 African countries. BMC Medical Ethics, 18 . ISSN 1472-6939 [Article] (doi:10.1186/s12910-016-0165-6)

Moodley, Keymanthri, Rossouw, Theresa, Staunton, Ciara ORCID: and Colvin, Christopher J. (2016) Synergies, tensions and challenges in HIV prevention, treatment and cure research: exploratory conversations with HIV experts in South Africa. BMC Medical Ethics, 17 . ISSN 1472-6939 [Article] (doi:10.1186/s12910-016-0109-1)

Staunton, Ciara ORCID: (2016) Harmonisation of Biobank Regulations in Africa: lessons to be learned from Europe. Contemporary Issues in Law, 13 (4) . pp. 267-286. ISSN 1357-0374 [Article]

Staunton, Ciara ORCID: and Moodley, Keymanthri (2016) Features: Community engagement for biobanking research: perspectives from Africa. Asia Pacific Biotech News, 20 (2) . pp. 14-26. ISSN 0219-0303 [Article] (doi:10.1142/S0219030316000100)

Staunton, Ciara ORCID: and Moodley, Keymanthri (2016) Data mining and biological sample exportation from South Africa: a new wave of bioexploitation under the guise of clinical care? South African Medical Journal, 106 (2) . p. 136. ISSN 0256-9574 [Article] (doi:10.7196/SAMJ.2016.v106i2.10248.)

Staunton, Ciara ORCID: (2015) Informed consent for HIV cure research in South Africa: issues to consider. BMC Medical Ethics, 16 . ISSN 1472-6939 [Article] (doi:10.1186/1472-6939-16-3)

Beyer, Chad, Staunton, Ciara ORCID: and Moodley, Keymanthri (2014) The implications of Methylphenidate use by healthy medical students and doctors in South Africa. BMC Medical Ethics, 15 . ISSN 1472-6939 [Article] (doi:10.1186/1472-6939-15-20)

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