Luca Piras

Lecturer of Computer Science

Department of Computer Science

Middlesex University London

Software Engineering, Privacy by Design, Gamification, Requirements Engineering, Privacy Engineering, Security Engineering, Gamification Engineering, GDPR, Conceptual Modeling, Domain Specific Languages

Luca Piras is a Lecturer of Software Engineering, Privacy and Gamification Engineering at Middlesex University (MDX), London (UK), member of the MDX Software Engineering Group, and Module Coordinator of “Web-Based Mobile App Development” Module. Previously, he was a Lecturer of Privacy, Security, Acceptance and Gamification Engineering at Robert Gordon University (RGU), Aberdeen (UK), member of the RGU Cybersecurity Group, and Module Coordinator of the Modules: “Computer Security and Cryptography”, “Managing a Network Group Project” and “Routing and Switching”. He is an official program committee member of different International Conferences and official reviewer of International Journals such as the Elsevier Journal of Systems and Software (JSS), the IEEE Transactions on Software Enginmore...

PhD in Computer Science MSc in Computer Science BSc in Computer Science AFHEA, FHEA (to be achieved soon) Cisco CCNA Certification Cisco CCNA Security Certification

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