Dr Maggie Butt

Associate Professor - Creative Writing


Middlesex University

Creative Writing, Poetry

Dr Maggie Butt is an ex-journalist and BBC television producer, turned poet and novelist. Her publications include five poetry collections and one novel, House of Dreams (published under the name Maggie Brookes). A strong interest in history and war runs through her writing, with themes of human rights and the resilience of women, relieved by a healthy smattering of humour. House of Dreams (Endeavour Press 2015) is a magic-realist, time-shift romance set in 1945 and 1998. Her poetry collection Degrees of Twilight (The London Magazine, 2015) follows the illustrated books Sancti Clandestini – Undercover Saints, Ward-Wood 2012) a hagiography of imaginary patron saints, illustrated in colour by the staff and students of Middlesex University’s BA Illustration course, and Ally Pally Prison more...

PhD Cardiff University 2002.

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Latest Additions

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