Tong Yang

Senior Lecturer in Construction, Architecture & BIM

Design Engineering & Mathematics, Faculty of Science & Technology

Middlesex University

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling, Thermal comfort and wellbeing, Natural ventilation and IAQ, Building and urban information modelling (BIM & UBIM), Intelligent and responsive buildings

Dr Yang obtained her PhD in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation and field testing of natural ventilation in buildings and MSc in Renewable Energy and Architecture at the University of Nottingham. She started her career as a Structural Engineer in China, has extended her R&D contribution in various research projects (e.g. human-environment interaction in buildings and automobiles, rapid prototyping for advanced modelling of building ventilation, and application of additive manufacturing technologies to building design and fabrication of full-scale building elements) funded by EPSRC in collaboration with UK and European institutions and industrial partners. Through research-led teaching, Tong attracted national and international academic and industry collaborators to improve more...


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Latest Additions

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