Janroj Keles

Senior Research Fellow

Department of Politics and Law

Middlesex University Law School

International Relations, Peace and Conflict Studies, Ethnicity and Nationalism, Media, identity and Representation, Diaspora and International Relations, Migration, Sociology of Work

Janroj Yilmaz Keles is a joint editor of the journal Work, Employment and Society, a Senior Research Fellow in Politics at Middlesex University Law School and a Visiting Fellow at London School of Economics (LSE), researching on peace and conflict, gender, political violence, ethnicity and nationalism, statelessness, migration, diasporas and international relations, social movements and media and political communication. He is also module leader of International Politics of the Middle East and North Africa. Keles has extensive experience of international education. He studied in Turkey, German and United Kingdom. He received his PhD in Sociology and Communications from Brunel University. His PhD thesis, entitled "Media, Diaspora and Conflict: Nationalism and Identity amongst Kurdish amore...

2019 Postgraduate Certificate in Learning & Teaching in Higher Education, Middlesex University 2011 Ph.D. Department of Sociology and Communications at Brunel University, London ( Title of thesis: Media, Diaspora and Conflict) 2000 Sociology, Berlin University of Technology (Foundation Studies) Berlin, Germany. 1995 B.A. in Film and Television, Faculty of Communication, Radio, Television and Film, University of Istanbul- Turkey

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Latest Additions

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