Sophie Mobbs

Senior Lecturer and Joint Programme Leader in BA 3D Animation and Games

Art and Design

Middlesex University

3D Animation, 2D Animation, Non-verbal Communication, Body Language, Computer Games, Virtual Reality, Rotoscoping, Motion Capture, Game Animation, Game Art, Computer Animation, Traditional Animation, Storyboarding, Life Drawing

Sophie Mobbs is a senior lecturer and Joint Programme Leader in 3D Animation and Games at Middlesex University in London, where she specializes in teaching 2D and 3D animation, game art and animation, motion capture and virtual reality environments. Her research interests focus on animation with regards to body language. More specifically, she uses a creative practice research methodology to explore the relationship between non-verbal communication and animation. Prior to working in Higher Education, Sophie spent 10 years working as an animator in the games industry, where she took particular interest in character and monster animation and worked for companies that included Sony, Silicon Dreams and Rebellion and contributed work to 8 published games across various platforms.

Currently completing... PhD in Animation and Non-Verbal Communication. Completed... PG Cert in Learning and teaching in Higher Education. MA PG Dip in Computer Animation and Imaging. BA Hons in Architectural Studies

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Latest Additions

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  2. Mobbs, Sophie (2017) The unexpected path: how animation might be used to help carers interpret restricted expressions in their patients. In: Confia 2017: 5th International Conference on Illustration and Animation, 14-16 Jul 2017, Guimarães, Portugal.
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  4. Mobbs, Sophie (2017) Making the VR leap: Exploring opportunities for animators to enter and explore their art and creativity within the world of Virtual Reality. In: Animafest Scanner IIII: Symposium for Contemporary Animation Studies, 06-07 Jun 2017, Zagreb, Croatia.
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