Lee Jerome

Associate Professor in Education

Health and Education

Middlesex University

Citizenship Education, Children's Rights Education, Curriculum, Teacher Training, History Education

I am currently Associate Professor of Education at Middlesex University, where I am working with colleagues to build research capacity. I am also course leader for the MA Childhood and Education in Diverse Societies. I have worked in schools, charities and higher education for the past twenty years, starting as a teacher of history and sociology in London secondary schools. I then became Education Director at the Institute for Citizenship, and then moved into the university sector where I have taught on a variety of undergraduate, post graduate and professional courses in traditional face to face classrooms and on-line environments.

I gained my PhD in Citizenship Education Policy in 2012 from the Institute of Education in London. I also have an MA in History of Colonial and Post-Colonial Societies, from Birkbeck College, a PGCE in Social Studies and a BSc in Politics and Sociology. I am a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

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