Sara Calvo


Leadership, Work and Organisations

Middlesex University

Dr Sara Calvo is a Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour and the Social Enterprise Coordinator within the Enterprise Development Hub (EDH@MDX) at Middlesex University Business School in London where she organises workshops, mentoring sessions, competitions and other activities to promote social enterprises at university. She is also the co-founder of Living in Minca, an international platform that supports social enterprise and social and solidarity economy initiatives worldwide. Beside this, she is an educator, trainer and a certified social enterprise advisor that has provided consultancy services for a wide range of NGOs and social enterprises in Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa. Sara is also a documentary filmmaker working extensively on topics related to the social and solidaritymore...

CIPD Associate Member (2015) PG Cert in Higher Education, Middlesex University (2012-2013) Diploma, Social Enterprise Consultant, ILM/SFEDI (2011-2012) Diploma, SPSS Training Course, Southampton University (2010) PhD: ‘Social Enterprises and ethnic minorities: a case study of the East London Olympic Boroughs’ Middlesex University. (2009-2012) MSc Social Research, University of Brighton (2007-2008) BA (Hons) Psychology, Salamanca University (2002-2007)

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Latest Additions

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