Britta Stordal

Senior Lecturer

Natural Sciences

Middlesex University

Ovarian Cancer, Drug Resistance, Platinum Chemotherapy, BRCA1, Parp Inhibitors, ABC Transporters

I am a cell biologist who specialises in drug response and drug resistance to chemotherapy drugs in ovarian cancer. I have experience studying the following biological pathways, DNA damage including BRCA1 mutation and methylation, cell cycle, glutathione metabolism and ABC drug transporters. I am currently investigating mechanisms of resistance to platinum, taxane and parp inhibitors in ovarian cancer. I am also a systematic reviewer active in the Cochrane Collaboration. I am currently writing a Cochrane Review “Taxane monotherapy for the treatment of platinum pre-treated epithelial ovarian cancer”. I have used my work in systematic reviews as a translational bridge between basic laboratory science and clinical trials.

BMedSci(Hons1a) - University of Technology, Sydney. PhD - University of Sydney PGDip Statistics - Trinity College Dublin PGDip Higher Education - Trinity College Dublin

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Latest Additions

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