Roman Belavkin

Reader in Informatics

Information theory, Information dynamics, Information geometry, Quantum information, Convex analysis, Cognitive science, Evolutionary computation

Roman Belavkin obtained MSc in Physics from the Moscow State University and PhD in Computer Science from the University of Nottingham. His research interests span several areas of mathematics and theoretical computer science including dynamics of information systems, optimisation of learning and evolutionary algorithms. Roman uses convex and geometric functional analysis to study the utility of various types of information and corresponding optimal dynamics. At Middlesex, Roman has been organising the Artificial Intelligence research seminar. From 2009 Roman has been the Principle Investigator of the EPSRC project `SANDPIT: Evolution as an Information Dynamic System', which is a collaboration between four UK's leading Universities: Manchester, Middlesex, Keele and Warwick. In this promore...


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Latest Additions

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