Prof Konstantinos Andriotis

Prof. in Tourism

Marketing, Branding and Tourism

Middlesex University

Tourism Development, Planning, Experience, Sustainability, Alternative Tourism, Degrowth

Dr. Konstantinos Andriotis is a Professor in Tourism at Middlesex University London and in the past he was Associate Professor and Head of the Hotel and Tourism Management Department at the Cyprus University of Technology. He holds an MSc in International Hospitality Management (University of Strathclyde, 1995), a PhD in Tourism Development and Planning (Bournemouth University, 2000) and a Post Doc in Tourism Marketing (Hellenic Open University, 2006). He edits the ‘International Journal of Tourism Policy’, the ‘Journal of Qualitative Research in Tourism’ and the CABI Regional Tourism Series. He is member of the Editorial Board of more than 20 journals. He is author of seven books and over 45 peer reviewed articles and book chapters. His work has appeared in leading academic journals, inclmore...

PhD, Post Doc

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Latest Additions

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