Angela Scollan

Senior Lecturer

Health & Education

Middlesex University

 Children’s Rights & Self Determination, Children's Voices & Choices, Early Years Loud & Proud Leadership,  Professional Identity & Progression,  Reflective & Critical Thinking,  Ethical Practice,  Forest School and Outside Learning Environments/Space,  Assessment, Student Feedback, Study Skills and Academic Transition Programmes,  Early Years Audits

Angela Scollan joined Middlesex University in 2012 as Senior Lecturer in Early Childhood Studies, Education Studies and Early Years Initial Teacher Training. Angela is the founder and director of Emerald Early Years, an educational, research and training company. She was previously a lecturer of Early Childhood Studies at Roehampton University, a freelance early years Ofsted Inspector and EYPS Lead Assessor. Angela also managed foundation degrees in Teaching & Learning and Early Years Childcare and Education at Carshalton College in Surrey for six years, writing programmes to support students from unique and diverse backgrounds aiming to access academic and professional progression routes. Angela worked for several years leading and developing assessment literacy and strategies for Hmore...

BA Hons Early Childhood Studies MA Early Childhood Studies, Pedagogy & Research PGCE Early Years Professional Status (EYPS) Management Diploma in Further & Higher Education Forest School Diploma and Training

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Latest Additions

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