Pablo Branas Garza

Professor of Behavioural Economics


Middlesex University London

Experimental Economics, Behavioural Economics, Altruism, Cognitive Abilities

Prof. Brañas-Garza joined Middlesex Business School in October 2012. Previously to joint us he was Professor of Economic Theory at the University of Granada (Spain) since 2008. He did his PhD in Quantitative Economics (1997) In the University of Córdoba (Spain). His research focuses on experimental games and economic behaviour. More specifically he works on Altruism and Cooperative Behaviour, Cognitive Abilities and Preferences. He has published in leading journals such as Games & Economic Behavior, PLoS ONE, Proceedings Royal Society B, Journal of Conflict Resolution, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, Economics Letters, Experimental Economics, Journal of Economic Psychology, Journal of Money, Credit & Banking. He is an Academic Editomore...

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Latest Additions

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