Claudio Morrison

Senior Research Fellow

Human Resource Management

Middlesex University Business School

comparative employment relations, international migration, post-socialism, the former soviet-union, organisational change

Claudio Morrison is Senior Research Fellow at Middlesex University Business School in London. He previously held a British Academy Post-doctoral Fellowship at Warwick University, Sociology Department, where he had obtained his PhD. Claudio’s area of expertise is comparative employment relations. He has carried out case study research and ethnographic fieldwork in the former Soviet Union. His current research focuses on migration, industrial relations and organisational change in post-socialist societies. He is the author of A Russian Factory Enters the Market Economy. His publications featured, among others, in Europe-Asia Studies, Post-Communist Economies, the British Journal of Industrial Relations and Industrial Relations: A Journal of Economy and Society. His current interests include more...

First Degree: Laurea in Political Sciences 110/110 cum Laude Istituto Universitario Orientale (NA, Italy) 21/03/1994; Postgraduate Taught Qualification: Post-Graduate Diploma in Foreign Trade (COR.CE) 117/150 Italian Institute for Foreign Trade (I.C.E.) 01/07/1997; Research degree: PhD (Sociology) 27/09/2004 Title of thesis Soviet Management and Transition: the case of the Russian Textile Industry. University of Warwick (UK)

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Latest Additions

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