Jeff Evans

Reader Emeritus in Adults' Mathematical Learning

Design Engineering and Mathematics

Middlesex University

Adult numeracy, international surveys of adults' skills, and their role in of educational policy-making;, Mathematical, statistical and methodological thinking of adults, and of HE students, and their attitudes and emotions;, Images of mathematics in popular culture (in particular, advertising) and the public understanding of mathematics and statistics;, Context-specificity of thinking, and the 'transfer' of learning and knowledge;, Research methodologies in the social sciences, education and business

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Latest Additions

  1. Evans, Jeff, Yasukawa, Keiko, Mallows, David and Creese, Brian (2017) Numeracy skills and the numerate environment: affordances and demands. Adults Learning Mathematics: An International Journal, 12 (1) . pp. 17-26. ISSN 1744-1803
  2. Yasukawa, Keiko, Hamilton, Mary and Evans, Jeff (2017) A comparative analysis of national media responses to the OECD survey of adult skills: policy making from the global to the local? Compare: a Journal of Comparative and International Education, 47 (2) . pp. 271-285. ISSN 0305-7925 (doi:10.1080/03057925.2016.1158644)
  3. Evans, Jeff, Wedege, Tine and Yasukawa, Keiko (2013) Critical perspectives on adults’ mathematics education. In: Third international handbook of mathematics education. Clements, M. A. (Ken), Bishop, Alan J., Keitel, Christine, Kilpatrick, Jeremy and Leung, Frederick K. S., eds. Springer, New York, pp. 203-242. .
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