susan pui san lok

Associate Professor, Fine Art

Visual Arts

Middlesex University

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Latest Additions

  1. lok, susan pui san (2016) Between the words between the work between us. In: Now and then... Here and there - Black Artists and Modernism conference, 06-08 Oct 2016, UAL, Chelsea College and Tate Britain, Clore auditorium.
  2. lok, susan pui san (2015) [Selected artist in 1st Asia Biennial and 5th Guangzhou Triennial]. [Artefact]
  3. lok, susan pui san (2018) [Installations at Diaspora Pavilion, Wolverhampton Art Gallery]. [Artefact]
  4. lok, susan pui san (2017) [Installations in Diaspora Pavilion, Palazzo Pisani Santa Marina]. [Artefact]
  5. lok, susan pui san (2017) Through the gate / an(g)archivery (paper). In: Deviant Practice, 21 Sept 2017, Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, NL.
  6. lok, susan pui san (2017) Reflecting on tactics of staging and translating in Minh-ha’s Surname Viet, Given Name Nam (1989), and the artist's own work. In: Trinh T Minh-ha: Symposium, 03 Dec 2017, ICA, London.
  7. lok, susan pui san (2017) Black Artists and Modernism / women in collections. In: Sackler CPD Programme Study Day: Women in Collections, 19 Oct 2017, Leeds Art Gallery, Leeds, UK.
  8. lok, susan pui san and Orlando, Sophie and Aikens, Nick and Kokoli, Alexandra M. and Lebovici, Elisabeth and Castagnini, Laura and Dumont, Fabienne and Wilson, Sarah and Sharma, Sumesh and Feiss, EC and Dibosa, David and Boyce, Sonia and Bentcheva, Eva and Yu, Wei and Fletcher, Annie and Esche, Charles and Dressler, Iris and Cassel Oliver, Valerie and Correia, Alice and Lerm hayes, Christa-Maria and Albarran, Juan and Delacourt, Sandra and Burris, Jennifer and Arndt, Lotte (2018) Conceptualism - Intersectional Readings, International Framings. lok, susan pui san and Orlando, Sophie and Aikens, Nick, eds. Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven.
  9. lok, susan pui san (2018) Found and Lost / Waste and Dust? Shimizu, Takahashi, Phaophanit/Oboussier. In: Lust for Dust - Tampered Emotions, 29 June - 1 July 2018, Triangle / La Friche la Belle de Mai, Marseilles.
  10. lok, susan pui san (2017) Found and Lost: A Genealogy of Waste? Shimizu, Takahashi, Phaophanit/Oboussier. In: Conceptualism: Intersectional Readings, International Framings, 07-09 Dec 2017, Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, NL.