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Aiash, Mahdi and Mapp, Glenford E. and Kallash, Muhammad Muneer Supporting communication in Information Centric Networks using the Location/ID Split Protocol and Time Released Caching. In: International Conference on Cloud Computing ICCC 2015.

Akinleye, Adesola Orientation for communication: embodiment, and the language of dance. Empedocles: European Journal for the Philosophy of Communication . ISSN 1757-1952 (Accepted - In Press)

Allan, Helen T. and Magnusson, C. and Horton, K. and Evans, K. and Ball, E. and Curtis, K. and Johnson, M. People, liminal spaces and experience: understanding recontextualisation of knowledge for newly qualified nurses. Nurse Education Today, 35 . e78-e83. ISSN 0260-6917

Arnold, Dana, ed. Belov'd by ev'ry muse: Richard Boyle, 3rd Earl of Burlington and 4th Earl of Cork (1694-1753). The Georgian Group. ISBN 9780951746134

Attfield, Simon and De Gabrielle, Stephen and Blandford, Ann The loneliness of the long-distance document reviewer: e-discovery and cognitive ergonomics. In: DESI III Global E-Discovery/E-Disclosure Workshop: A Pre- Conference Workshop at the 12th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law (ICAIL 2009), 08 Jun 2009, Barcelona, Spain.

Augusto, Juan Carlos Reflections on ambient intelligence systems handling of user preferences and needs. In: The 10th International Conference on Intelligent Environments (IE'14), 29 Jun - 04 Jul 2014, Shanghai, P.R. China.

Baldock, Robert Assessment of the online business support offer : growth and improvement service, my new business and helpline. Project Report. Department for Business Innovation and Skills.

Bannerman, Christopher ArtsCross Beijing 2012: light and water. [Show/Exhibition]

Bannerman, Christopher Curation and direction of DansCross (a large international collaborative dance project). ResCen, the Centre for Research into Creation in the Performing Arts.

Bannerman, Christopher Curation, and direction of ArtsCross (a large scale international exchange project). ResCen, the Centre for Research into Creation in the Performing Arts.

Barn, Balbir and Barn, Ravinder and Primiero, Giuseppe The role of resilience and value for effective co-design of information systems. In: Proceedings of the Conference of the International Association for Computing and Philosophy (IACAP 14). Springer Synthese Library. (Accepted - In Press)

Baron, J. R. and Attfield, Simon Where light in darkness lies: preservation, access and sensemaking strategies for the modern digital archive. In: The Memory of the World in the Digital Age: Digitization and Preservation, 26-28 Sep 2012, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Bifulco, Antonia Assessing risk for perinatal depression with the Attachment Style Interview. In: Perinatal Depression. Carretti, V. and Ragonese, N. and Crisafi, C., eds. Astrolabia, Roma.

Bifulco, Antonia The Attachment Style Interview. In: Attachment: The Guidebook to the assessment of attachment. Holmes, P. and Farnfield, S., eds. Routledge, London.

Bifulco, Antonia Psychosocial models and issues in major depression. In: Handbook of mood disorders. Power, M., ed. Wiley-Blackwell.

Bifulco, Antonia and Thomas, Geraldine Psychiatrie infantojuvénile en Europe – Grande-Bretagne. In: Traité européen de psychiatries et de psychoatologie de l’inefant et de l’adolescent. Ferrari, P. and Bonot, O., eds. Lavoisier, Paris.

Boender, Jaap and Kammueller, Florian and Georgieva Ivanova, Marieta and Probst, Christian Modeling human behaviour with higher order logic: insider threats. In: Socio-Technical Aspects of Security and Trust.

Boyce, Sonia Afuera! Art in Public Spaces - Gather: Justicia. [Artefact]

Boyce, Sonia Scat. [Show/Exhibition]

Cavusoglu, Ergin Empire (after Andy Warhol). [Show/Exhibition]

Chapin, Lawrence and Attfield, Simon and Okoro, Efeosasere Moibi Predictive coding, storytelling and god: narrative understanding in e-discovery. In: DESI V Workshop, 14 Jun 2013, Rome, Italy.

Charalambidou, Anna Η εικόνα της γυναίκας στο μυθιστόρημα 'Και Ιδού Ίππος Χλωρός' της Τατιάνας Γκρίτση Μιλλιέξ (The image of woman in the novel of Tatiana Gritsi Milliex, 'Kai idou Ippos Chloros'). Νέα Εποχή/New Epoch, 295 . pp. 83-86.

Christou, Anastasia Ageing in exile: the resilience of unbearable and unattainable homelands in the Jewish and Cuban imagination. In: Walsh, K. and Nare, L. (eds.) Re-thinking Home: Transnational Migration and Older Age, in press, Routledge. Routledge. (Accepted - In Press)

Christou, Anastasia Ageing masculinities and the nation: disrupting boundaries of sexualities, mobilities and identities. Gender, Place and Culture: A Journal of Feminist Geography . (Accepted - In Press)

Christou, Anastasia and King, Russell Counter-diaspora: the Greek second generation returns ‘home’. Other. Harvard University Press. (Accepted - In Press)

Christou, Anastasia and Mavroudi, Elizabeth, eds. Dismantling diasporas: rethinking the geographies of diasporic identity, connection and development. Ashgate.

Christou, Anastasia and Michail, Domna Migrating motherhood and gendering exile: Eastern European women narrate migrancy and homing. Women's Studies International Forum . ISSN 0277-5395 (Accepted - In Press)

Clark, Ephraim A. and Qiao, Zhuo and Wong, Wing-Keung Theories of risk: testing investor behaviour on the Taiwan stock and stock index futures markets. Economic Inquiry . ISSN 0095-2583 (Accepted - In Press)

Croucher, Richard National and international labour relations in oil and gas Trans National Corporations in Kazakhstan. International Business Review . ISSN 0969-5931

Croucher, Richard The antecedents of direct management communication to employees in a developing country. International Journal of Human Resource Management . ISSN 0958-5192 (Accepted - In Press)

Daguerre, Anne New corporate elites and the erosion of the Keynesian social compact. Work, Employment and Society . ISSN 0950-0170 (Accepted - In Press)

Danilovich, Hanna and Croucher, Richard and Makovskaya, N. Compulsory reduced working time in Belarus: incidence, operation and consequences. Economic and Industrial Democracy .

De Rijke, Victoria Supertoys: on play, affective machines and object Relation. [Show/Exhibition]

Edwards, J. Adam and Hill, Vanessa The winner takes it all: enhancing the quality and impact of library workshops. In: Liaison Librarians Working With Other Professionals: Seeing Ourselves Through Others’ Eyes, 17th July 2013, Senate House, University of London.

Ehnert, Ina and Parsa, Sepideh and Roper, Ian and Wagner, Marcus and Muller-Camen, Michael Reporting on sustainability and HRM: a comparative study of sustainability reporting practices by the world’s largest companies. The International Journal of Human Resource Management .

Fischer, Wladimir and Berg, Matthew and Christou, Anastasia, eds. Narrating the city: everyday history and urban networks. Berghahn Books. (Accepted - In Press)

Franko, Mark Dance as sign and unruly corporeality in Pasolini’s film and film theory. Studi Pasoliniani: rivista internazionale, 6 . ISSN 1973-3232

Fribbins, Peter A Haydn prelude. [Composition]

Gibbs, Paul Research paradigms of practice, work and learning. In: International handbook of research in professional and practice-based learning. Springer. (Accepted - In Press)

Griffiths, Wyn Fuel from Waste Network hub. [Digital artefact]

Grosfoguel, Ramon and Oso, Laura and Christou, Anastasia Racism, intersectionality and migration studies: framing some theoretical reflections. Identities: Global Studies in Culture and Power . ISSN DOI:10.1080/1070289X.2014.950974

Harzing, Anne-Wil and Adler, Nancy Disseminating knowledge: from potential to reality – new open-access journals collide with convention. Academy of Management Learning and Education . ISSN 1537-260X (Accepted - In Press)

Hester, Helen Rethinking transgression: disgust, affect, and sexuality in Charlotte Roche's Wetlands. Journal of Lesbian Studies, 17 (3-4). pp. 240-252. ISSN 1089-4160

Hodgson, Jonathan Mostafaei: end the death penalty. [Film/Video]

Horvath, Miranda A. H. and LeBoutillier, Nicholas Alcohol use and crime. In: The Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice. Blackwell Publishing Ltd, USA, pp. 1-7.

Hui-Chen, L. and Zxy-Yann, J. and Allan, Helen T. and Ming-Lee, Y. Early intervention screening involves more than “simple” screening. International Journal of Healthcare, Insurance and Equity, 1 (2). pp. 1-8. ISSN 2145-3168

Hunter, Roddy Opium debt. [Show/Exhibition]

Jacks, William and Adler, Joanna R. Genocide and hate crime. In: Forensic psychology. Crighton, David and Towl, Graham, eds. Wiley. (Accepted - In Press)

Kandl, Thomas and Khan, Nawaz Information integration of diverse laboratory data sources using information supply chains. In: Proceedings of the IADIS international conference e-health 2011. Macedo, Mário, ed. IADIS Press. ISBN 9789728939496

King, Russell and Christou, Anastasia Second-generation “return” to Greece: new dynamics of transnationalism and integration. International Migration . ISSN 0020-7985

King, Russell and Christou, Anastasia and Goodson, Ivor and Teerling, Janine Tales of satisfaction and disillusionment: second-generation ‘return’ migration to Greece and Cyprus. Diaspora: A Journal of Transnational Studies .

King, Russell and Christou, Anastasia and Levitt, Peggy, eds. Second-generation and ancestral ‘return’ mobilities. Routledge.

Kokoli, Alexandra M. Sisters. In: Judy Chicago. Dickson, Rachel, ed. Lund Humphries, pp. 169-177. ISBN 9781848221208

Lazar, Gillian and Barnaby, Beverley Working with grammar as a tool for making meaning. In: Working with academic literacies: research, theory. Lillis, T. and Harrington, K. and Lea, M. and Mitchell, S., eds. Parlor Press. (Accepted - In Press)

Litosseliti, Lia and Angouri, Jo and Baxter, Judith and Mullany, Louise and Shaw, Sylvia Researching gender at work: possibilities and constraints. In: •IGALA 7, Seventh International Gender and Language Association Conference, 20-22 June 2012, UNISINOS, São Leopoldo, Brazil.

Liu, Qing and Zhang, Ji and James, Forbes and Xu, Kai and Dinesh, Nair A knowledge discovery service system for provenance exploration. In: International Conference on Data and Knowledge Engineering (ICDKE) 2011, 6-8, September 2011, Milan, Italy.

Montagna, Nicola and Tacchi, Enrico Maria, eds. La comunicazione ambientale in alcune imprese pubbliche e private (The environmental communication of public and private companies). Franco Angeli.

Newall, Amanda and Johansson, Ola Blodlopp / Blood run. [Film/Video]

Nguyen, Phong H. and Xu, Kai and Wong, B. L. William A survey of analytic provenance. Technical Report. Unpublished.

Owen, Damon and Micou, Paula and Viavattene, Christophe and Parker, Dennis J. and Priest, Sally J. Library of Coastal Vulnerability Indicators. [Dataset]

Piper, Keith A short sprint. [Show/Exhibition]

Prior, Stephen D. and Odedra, Sid and Erbil, Mehmet Ali Autonomous systems laboratory [web site]. Middlesex University, London.

Priporas, Constantinos-Vasilios and Vassiliadis, Chris and Bellou, Victoria and Andronikidis, Andreas Exploring the constraint profile of ski resort tourist segments. Journal of Travel Research . ISSN 0047-2875 (Accepted - In Press)

Read, Paul and Hughes, John and Stewart, Perry F. and Chavda, Shyam and Bishop, Chris and Turner, Anthony N. A needs analysis and field-based testing battery for basketball. Strength & Conditioning Journal, 36 (3). pp. 1579-1582. ISSN 1524-1602

Robinson, Hilary Feminist and ... [Show/Exhibition]

Robinson, Hilary Pleasure, painting, politics: the three graces - or: why I like Adélaïde Labille-Guiard's 'self-portrait with two pupils'. In: Artistic production and the feminist theory of art: new debates III. Arakistain, Xabier and Méndes, Lourdes, eds. Ayuntamiento de Vitoria-Gasteizko Udalak, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain, pp. 306-316. ISBN 9788496845435

Ross, F. and Brearley, S. and Christian, S. and Smith, P. A. and Allan, Helen T. and Price, L. and Byng, R. Learning from people with long-term conditions: new insights for governance in primary health care. Health & Social Care in the Community . ISSN 0966-0410

Sachsenmaier, Stefanie Intuition. [Digital artefact]

Sakr, Mona and Connelly, Vince and Wild, Mary ‘Evil cats’ and ‘jelly floods’: young children’s collective constructions of digital art-making in the early years classroom. Journal of Research in Childhood Education . ISSN 0256-8543 (Accepted - In Press)

Sakr, Mona and Connelly, Vince and Wild, Mary Narrative in young children’s digital art-making. Journal of Early Childhood Literacy . ISSN 1468-7984 (Accepted - In Press)

Saleeb, Noha and Dafoulas, George 3D assistive technologies and advantageous themes for collaboration and blended learning of users with disabilities. In: Assistive and Augmentive Communication for the Disabled: Intelligent Technologies for Communication, Learning and Teaching. IGI Global.

Sherwin, Guy K. Movements in light. [Show/Exhibition]

Shukla, Vinaya and Naim, Mohamed M. Rogue seasonality in supply chains - an investigation and a measurement approach. Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management . ISSN 1741-038X (Accepted - In Press)

Stephenson, Marcus L. Tourism, development and ‘destination Dubai’: cultural dilemmas and future challenges. Current Issues in Tourism . ISSN 1368-3500 (Accepted - In Press)

Su, Rui Dancing cultures. Annals of Tourism Research . ISSN 0160-7383

Su, Rui Intangible heritage and the museum: new perspectives on cultural preservation. Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change .

Su, Rui Safeguarding intangible cultural heritage. Journal of Heritage Tourism .

Su, Rui Understanding interdependencies and tensions around cultural tourism in city destinations: the case of Nanjing, China. In: 6th World Conference for Graduate Research in Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure, 24th to 29th April 2012, Fethiye, Turkey.

Townsley, Brooke and Corsellis, Ann and Vanden Bosch, Yolanda and Rombouts, Dirk and Maxwell-Hyslop, Hilary and Giambruno, Cynthia and Braun, Sabine Building mutual trust 2. [Digital artefact]

Turner, Anthony N. Total score of athleticism: a strategy for assessing an athlete’s athleticism. Profesional Strength and Conditioning, 33 . pp. 13-17.

Turner, Anthony N. Training for power: principles and practice. Professional Strength and Conditioning, 14 . pp. 20-32.

Turner, Anthony N. and Bishop, C. and Chavda, S. and Edwards, M. and Barter, Phil Determinants of repeat sprint ability. Professional Strength and Conditioning, 28 . pp. 15-18.

Turner, Anthony N. and Bishop, C. and Chavda, S. and Edwards, M. and Read, Paul Avoid overtraining and monitor fatigue. Professional Strength and Conditioning (31). pp. 19-27.

Valente, V. and Demosthenous, A. and Bayford, Richard A tripolar current-steering stimulator ASIC for field shaping in deep brain stimulation. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Circuits and Systems, 6 (3). pp. 197-207. ISSN 1932-4545

Ward, Emma V. and De Mornay Davies, Paul and Politimou, Nina Greater priming for previously distracting information in young than older adults when suppression is ruled out. Aging, Neuropsychology, and Cognition . (Accepted - In Press)

Wheat, Ashley and Attfield, Simon and Loureiro, R. and Fusco-Fagg, I. Using digital technology to enhance and enrich visitor experience in exhibition spaces. In: CHArt 28th Annual Conference, 15-16 Nov 2012, London, UK.

Wheatley, Simon Don't call me urban! [Show/Exhibition]

lok, susan pui san March 2012 (online exhibition as part of Time Lapse, a project at SITE Santa Fe, 2012). [Show/Exhibition]

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