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Abdulkadir, Ibrahim, Al-Jawad, Ahmed, Shah, Purav ORCID:, Vien, Quoc-Tuan ORCID:, Tuysuz, Mehmet Fatih and Trestian, Ramona (2019) AROMA: An adapt-or-reroute strategy for multimedia applications over SDN-based wireless environments. In: IEEE International Symposium on Broadband Multimedia Systems and Broadcasting, 05-07 Jun 2019, Jeju, South Korea. (Accepted/In press)

Aceijas, Carmen, Weaver, Tim ORCID:, Baez-Caraballo, Pamela, Cummings, Nerissa and Devi Sowamber, Neelam (2019) Improving health literacy about Tuberculosis among drug users. A pilot randomized controlled trial. Drug Dependence and Addiction (1). pp. 8-18. (doi:10.33513/DDAD/1901-02)

Adamson, Maria ORCID: (2019) Heading Home: Motherhood, Work, and the Failed Promise of Equality, by Shani Orgad. Columbia University Press. 2019, 288 pages [Book Review]. Gender, Work and Organization . ISSN 0968-6673 (Accepted/In press) (doi:10.1111/gwao.12399)

Ageeva, Elena and Foroudi, Pantea (2019) Examining the destination website: a case of Visit Tatarstan. In: Place Branding: Connecting Tourist Experiences to Places. Foroudi, Pantea, Mauri, Chiara, Dennis, Charles and Melewar, T. C., eds. Routledge. ISBN 9781472455925. (Accepted/In press)

Ageeva, Elena, Foroudi, Pantea, Melewar, T. C., Nguyen, Bang and Dennis, Charles (2019) A holistic framework of corporate website favourability. Corporate Reputation Review . ISSN 1363-3589 (Accepted/In press)

Ageeva, Elena, Melewar, T. C., Foroudi, Pantea and Dennis, Charles (2019) Cues adopted by consumers in examining corporate website favorability: an empirical study of financial institutions in the UK and Russia. Journal of Business Research, 98 . pp. 15-32. ISSN 0148-2963 (doi:10.1016/j.jbusres.2018.12.079)

Ageeva, Elena, Melewar, T. C., Foroudi, Pantea and Dennis, Charles (2019) Evaluating the factors of corporate website favorability: a case of UK and Russia. Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal . ISSN 1352-2752 (Accepted/In press)

Akarsu, Tuğra Nazlı (2019) Examining the influence of religiosity and consumer perceived value on brand sensuality, brand experience, consumer hedonism and repurchase intention: A study of consumers’ perception in the context of fashion retailing – The case of Turkey. PhD thesis, Middlesex Univeristy.

Akarsu, Tuğra Nazlı, Foroudi, Pantea and Melewar, T. C. (2019) Rethinking the nexus of TV series/movies and destination image: changing perceptions through sensorial cues and authentic identity of a city. In: Place Branding: Connecting Tourist Experiences to Places. Foroudi, Pantea, Mauri, Chaira, Dennis, Charles and Melewar, T. C., eds. Routledge. ISBN 9781472455925. (Accepted/In press)

Akhtar, Anam (2019) Selective delivery of arsenic trioxide to HPV positive cervical cancer cells with targeted liposomes. PhD thesis, Middlesex University.

Akhtar, Anam, Ghali, Lucy, Wang, Scarlet, Bell, Celia M., Li, Dong and Wen, Xuesong (2019) Optimisation of folate-mediated liposomal encapsulated arsenic trioxide for treating HPV-positive cervical cancer cells in vitro. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 20 (9). ISSN 1422-0067 (doi:10.3390/ijms20092156)

Akinleye, Adesola ORCID: (2019) ‘…wind in my hair, I feel a part of everywhere…’: creating dance for young audiences narrates emplacement. Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices, 11 (1). pp. 39-47. ISSN 1757-1871 (doi:10.1386/jdsp.11.1.39_1)

Akinleye, Adesola ORCID: and Kindred, Helen (2019) Wright-ing the somatic: narrating the bodily. Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices, 11 (1). pp. 3-6. ISSN 1757-1871 (doi:10.1386/jdsp.11.1.3_2)

Akinleye, Adesola ORCID: and Preciado-Azanza, Gonzalo (2019) Dancing the digital age: a survey of the new technologies in the choreographic process. Journal of Genius and Eminence . ISSN 2334-1130 (Accepted/In press)

Al Ahbabi, Sultan Ali, Singh, Sanjay Kumar, Balasubramanian, Sreejith and Gaur, Sanjaya Singh (2019) Employee perception of impact of knowledge management processes on public sector performance. Journal of Knowledge Management, 23 (2). pp. 351-373. ISSN 1367-3270 (doi:10.1108/jkm-08-2017-0348)

Al Breiki, Mohamed Saleh, Zhou, Suiping and Luo, Yuan (2019) A meter band rate mechanism to improve the native QoS capability of OpenFlow and OpenDaylight. In: 2019 International Conference on Advanced Communication Technologies and Networking (CommNet), 12-14 Apr 2019, Rabat, Morocco, Morocco. (doi:10.1109/COMMNET.2019.8742360)

Al-hajla, Ali Homaid, Nguyen, Bang, Melewar, T. C., Jayawardhena, Chanaka, Ghazali, Ezlika and Mutum, Dilip S. (2019) Understanding new religion-compliant product adoption (NRCPA) in Islamic markets. Journal of Global Marketing . ISSN 0891-1762 (Published online first) (doi:10.1080/08911762.2018.1559907)

AlJanoubi, Sara (2019) The effect of corporate governance characteristics on performance and capital structure: an empirical study of Saudi listed companies. PhD thesis, Middlesex University.

Alessa, Noha Abdulaziz (2019) An exploration into the implementation of the balanced scorecard: A multiple case study approach from Saudi Arabia. PhD thesis, Middlesex University.

Ali, Almaas, Dafoulas, George ORCID: and Augusto, Juan Carlos (2019) Collaborative educational environments incorporating mixed reality technologies: A systematic mapping study. IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies . ISSN 1939-1382 (Published online first) (doi:10.1109/TLT.2019.2926727)

Ali, Imran, Ali, Murad, Grigore, Georgiana, Molesworth, Mike and Jin, Zhongqi (2019) The moderating role of corporate reputation and employee-company identification on the work-related outcomes of job insecurity resulting from workforce localization policies. Journal of Business Research . ISSN 0148-2963 (Published online first) (doi:10.1016/j.jbusres.2019.02.060)

Ali, Murad, Augusto, Juan Carlos and Windridge, David ORCID: (2019) Improving the adaptation process for a new smart home user. In: 39th SGAI International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AI-2019)., 17-19 Dec 2019, Cambridge, UK.. (Accepted/In press)

Ali, Murad, Augusto, Juan Carlos and Windridge, David ORCID: (2019) A survey of user-centred approaches for smart home transfer learning and new user home automation adaptation. Applied Artificial Intelligence: An International Journal, 33 (8). pp. 747-774. ISSN 0883-9514 (doi:10.1080/08839514.2019.1603784)

Ali, Norhayati and Watt, John (2019) Risk assessment of dietary exposure to Aflatoxin contamination in spices. Advances in Clinical Toxicology, 4 (1). ISSN 2577-4328 (doi:10.23880/act-16000145)

Aljrees, Turki (2019) Criminal data analysis based on low rank sparse representation. PhD thesis, Middlesex University.

Allan, Helen T., van den Akker, Olga, Culley, Lorraine, Mounce, Ginny, Odelius, Anki and Symon, Andrew (2019) An integrative literature review of psychosocial factors in the transition to parenthood following non-donor-assisted reproduction compared with spontaneously conceiving couples. Human Fertility . pp. 1-18. ISSN 1464-7273 (Published online first) (doi:10.1080/14647273.2019.1640901)

Allardyce, Duncan, Bell, Celia M. and Loizidou, Erika (2019) Argyrin B a non-competitive inhibitor of the human immunoproteasome exhibiting preference for β1i. Chemical Biology and Drug Design, 94 (2). pp. 1556-1567. ISSN 1747-0277 (doi:10.1111/cbdd.13539)

Allen, Hayden, Hull, James H., Backhouse, Susan H., De Carné, Taidgh, Dimitriou, Lygeri ORCID: and Price, Oliver J. (2019) The allergy questionnaire for athletes provides value in ruling‐out exercise‐induced bronchoconstriction [Letter to the Editor]. Allergy, 74 (9). pp. 1794-1796. ISSN 1398-9995 (doi:10.1111/all.13778)

Allen, Hayden, Hull, James H., Backhouse, Susan H., Dickinson, John W., De Carné, Taidgh, Dimitriou, Lygeri ORCID: and Price, O. (2019) The role of fractional exhaled nitric oxide in the assessment of athletes reporting exertional dyspnoea. In: European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology Congress, 01-05 Jun 2019, Lisbon, Portugal. (doi:10.1111/all.13959)

Allen, Shirley, Lee, Maureen, Whalley, Mary E. and Scollan, Angela ORCID: (2019) Developing professional practice in the early years. Open University Press, Maidenhead. 9780335264766.

Alshammari, Gharbi, Jorro-Aragoneses, Jose L., Polatidis, Nikolaos, Kapetanakis, Stelios, Pimenidis, Elias and Petridis, Miltos (2019) A switching multi-level method for the long tail recommendation problem. Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems . pp. 1-10. ISSN 1064-1246 (Published online first) (doi:10.3233/jifs-179331)

Alshammari, Gharbi, Kapetanakis, Stelios, Alshammari, Abdullah, Polatidis, Nikolaos and Petridis, Miltos (2019) Improved movie recommendations based on a hybrid feature combination method. Vietnam Journal of Computer Science, 6 (3). pp. 363-376. ISSN 2196-8888 (doi:10.1142/s2196888819500192)

Amirjani, S., Asemi, Z., Bazarganipour, F., Aramesh, S., Allan, Helen T., Sayadi, M., Tabatabaei, M.-S., Mohamadian, Z., Zabti, F., Iranpak, N., Heydarzadeh, A., Taghavi, S. A., Badehnoosh, B. and Khashavi, Z. (2019) Dietary intake and lifestyle behavior in different phenotypes of polycystic ovarian syndrome: a case-control study. Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, 32 (4). pp. 413-421. ISSN 0952-3871 (Published online first) (doi:10.1111/jhn.12646)

Andrews, Naomi C. Z. ORCID:, Martin, Carol Lynn, Cook, Rachel E., Field, Ryan D. and England, Dawn E. ORCID: (2019) Exploring dual gender typicality among young adults in the United States. International Journal of Behavioral Development, 43 (4). pp. 314-321. ISSN 1464-0651 (doi:10.1177/0165025418811125)

Annand, Fizz, Duke, Karen L. ORCID:, Herring, Rachel, Syreti, Nikoleta, Thom, Betsy and Tzimopoulou, Kalliopi (2019) Drug education in schools: the Daniel Spargo-Mabbs programme. Project Report. Middlesex University. .

Archibong, Uduak, Kline, Roger, Eshareturi, Cyril and McIntosh, Bryan (2019) Disproportionality in NHS disciplinary proceedings. British Journal of Healthcare Management, 25 (4). pp. 1-7. ISSN 1358-0574 (doi:10.12968/bjhc.2018.0062)

Armaroli, Clara, Duo, Enrico and Viavattene, Christophe (2019) From hazard to consequences: evaluation of direct and indirect impacts of flooding along the Emilia-Romagna coastline, Italy. Frontiers in Earth Science, 7 . ISSN 2296-6463 (doi:10.3389/feart.2019.00203)

Armsby, Pauline M. and Costley, Carol (2019) Editorial. Studies in Continuing Education, 41 (2). pp. 135-141. ISSN 1470-126X (doi:10.1080/0158037X.2019.1605086)

Aslam, Bilal ORCID:, Azam, Muhammad A., Amin, Yasar, Loo, Jonathan and Tenhunen, Hannu (2019) A high capacity tunable retransmission type frequency coded chipless radio frequency identification system. International Journal of RF and Microwave Computer-Aided Engineering, 29 (9). ISSN 1099-047X (doi:10.1002/mmce.21855)

Athanasiadis, Dimitrios and Papadopoulos, Konstantinos (2019) Comparison of proprioception between Kinesiology and adhesive ankle taping: a randomised experimental study. Journal of Novel Physiotherapies, 9 (1). pp. 1-6. ISSN 2165-7025 (doi:10.4172/2165-7025.1000406)

Atkinson, Robert Ian (2019) Enriching organisations: A personal exploration into putting human flourishing at the heart of my work. DProf thesis, Middlesex University / Ashridge Business School.

Attard, Geoffrey, De Raffaele, Clifford and Smith, Serengul (2019) TangiBoard: a toolkit to reduce the implementation burden of tangible user interfaces in education. In: The 13th IEEE International Conference Application of Information and Communication Technologies (AICT 2019), 23-25 Oct 2019, Baku, Azerbaijan.

Augusto, Juan Carlos and Aghajan, Hamid (2019) Preface to the 10th anniversary issue of the Journal on Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments. Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments . ISSN 1876-1364 (Accepted/In press) (doi:10.3233/AIS-180511)

Augusto, Juan Carlos and Muñoz Ortega, Andrés (2019) User preferences in intelligent environments. Applied Artificial Intelligence: An International Journal . ISSN 0883-9514 (Accepted/In press)

Augusto, Juan Carlos, Quinde, Mario, Gimenez Manuel, Jose Gines, Ali, Murad, Oguego, Chimezie and James-Reynolds, Carl (2019) The SEArch smart environments architecture. In: 15th International Conference on Intelligent Environments, 24-27 Jun 2019, Rabat, Morocco. (Accepted/In press)

Augusto, Juan Carlos, Quinde, Mario and Khan, Nawaz (2019) Using formal methods to guide the development of an asthma management system. In: 10th International Conference Dependable Systems, Services and Technologies, 05-07 Jun 2019, Leeds, United Kingdom. (doi:10.1109/DESSERT.2019.8770017)

Augusto, Juan Carlos, Quinde, Mario and Oguego, Chimezie (2019) Context-aware systems testing and validation. In: 10th International Conference Dependable Systems, Services and Technologies, 05-07 Jun 2019, Leeds, United Kingdom. (doi:10.1109/DESSERT.2019.8770048)

Aune, Anne A. G., Bishop, Chris, Turner, Anthony N., Papadopoulos, Konstantinos, Budd, Sarah, Richardson, Mark and Maloney, Sean J. (2019) Acute and chronic effects of foam rolling vs eccentric exercise on ROM and force output of the plantar flexors. Journal of Sports Sciences, 37 (2). pp. 138-145. ISSN 0264-0414 (doi:10.1080/02640414.2018.1486000)

Awais, Muhammad ORCID:, Raza, Mohsin, Ali, Kamran, Ali, Zulfiqar, Irfan, Muhammad, Chughtai, Omer, Khan, Imran ORCID:, Kim, Sunghwan ORCID: and Ur Rehman, Masood ORCID: (2019) An Internet of Things based bed-egress alerting paradigm using wearable sensors in elderly care environment. Sensors, 19 (11). ISSN 1424-8220 (doi:10.3390/s19112498)


Bace, Edward (2019) Behavioral finance and implications for regulation: China’s stock market. In: London Business Conference in Business and Social Studies, 21 Aug 2019, London.

Bace, Edward and Nguyen, Trang (2019) Vietnamese commercial banks and corporate governance. GATR Journal of Finance and Banking Review, 4 (2). pp. 73-81. ISSN 2636-9176 (doi:10.35609/jfbr.2019.4.2(4))

Bainbridge, Georgina (2019) Sensation in psychotherapy through the lens of Sensory Integration theory. Other thesis, Middlesex University / Metanoia Institute.

Balakrishnan, Janarthanan and Foroudi, Pantea (2019) Does corporate reputation matter? Role of social media in consumer intention to purchase innovative food product. Corporate Reputation Review . pp. 1-20. ISSN 1363-3589 (Accepted/In press)

Balsalobre-Fernández, Carlos ORCID:, Bishop, Chris, Beltrán-Garrido, José Vicente ORCID:, Cecilia-Gallego, Pau, Cuenca-Amigó, Aleix, Romero-Rodríguez, Daniel and Madruga-Parera, Marc (2019) The validity and reliability of a novel app for the measurement of change of direction performance. Journal of Sports Sciences . ISSN 0264-0414 (Published online first) (doi:10.1080/02640414.2019.1640029)

Barat, Souvik, Kulkarni, Vinay, Clark, Tony and Barn, Balbir ORCID: (2019) An actor based simulation driven digital twin for analyzing complex business systems. In: Winter Simulation Conference 2019 - Simulation for Risk Management, 08-11 Dec 2019, Gaylord National Resort & Conference Center, National Harbor, Maryland. (Accepted/In press)

Barkan, Iris (2019) Individual Parental Coaching (IPC) - An optional way to improve communication between parents and adolescents in conventionally structured families in Israel. PhD thesis, Middlesex University.

Barker, John (2019) 'Who Cares?' Gender, care and secondary schooling: 'accidental findings' from a seclusion unit. British Educational Research Journal . ISSN 0141-1926 (Published online first) (doi:10.1002/berj.3562)

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Barn, Balbir ORCID: (2019) Mapping the public debate on ethical concerns: algorithms in mainstream media. Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society . ISSN 1477-996X (Published online first) (doi:10.1108/JICES-04-2019-0039)

Barn, Ravinder and Barn, Balbir ORCID: (2019) A case study of practitioners’ perspectives on the challenges and opportunities of social technology in their Techno-Habitat in the United Kingdom. Youth Justice . ISSN 1473-2254 (Published online first) (doi:10.1177/1473225419869568)

Barnard, Josie (2019) Digital future: the new underclass. [Audio]

Barnard, Josie (2019) The multimodal writer: creative writing across genres and media. Macmillan International Higher Education / Red Globe, London. 9781137607911.

Barnard, Josie (2019) Twitter and creative writing: generating an 'authentic' online voice. In: Twitter: Global Perspectives, Uses and Research Technique. Chiluwa, Innocent and Bouvier, Gwen, eds. Media and Communications – Technologies, Policies and Challenges . Nova Science Publishers, New York, pp. 191-214. 9781536153071.

Barrow, Michelle (2019) Constructing validated clinical tools to enable the development of a new evidence base for personalised nutrition practice in obesity management. DProf thesis, Middlesex University.

Bastable Vizzard, Siona (2019) Focusing on the voices of adults diagnosed with 'Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder’. Other thesis, Middlesex University / Metanoia Institute.

Begum, Neema and Saini, Rima (2019) Decolonising the curriculum. Political Studies Review, 17 (2). pp. 196-201. ISSN 1478-9299 (doi:10.1177/1478929918808459)

Belmonte-Fernandez, Oscar, Gasco-Compte, Arturo, Sansano-Sansano, Emilio, Quinde, Mario, Gimenez Manuel, Jose Gines and Augusto, Juan Carlos (2019) Evaluation of crowdsourcing Wi-Fi radio map creation in a real scenario for AAL applications. In: 15th International Conference on Intelligent Environments, 24-27 Jun 2019, Rabat, Morocco. (Accepted/In press)

Bernkopf, Astrid (2019) Cinderella, the beauty myth and a feminist conundrum. In: Storytelling: Cultural and Creative Transformations of Cinderella. Weedon, Alexis and Darwood, Nicola, eds. Wayne State University Press. . (Accepted/In press)

Bevens, David William (2019) Investigating the feasibility of creating a suite of dedicated attitude-themed support materials for coaches based on the tripartite component model. Masters thesis, Middlesex University.

Bifulco, Antonia, Kagan, Lisa, Spence, Ruth ORCID:, Nunn, Stephen ORCID:, Bailey-Rodriguez, Deborah, Hosang, Georgina M., Taylor, Matthew and Fisher, Helen L. (2019) Characteristics of severe life events, attachment style, and depression – Using a new online approach. British Journal of Clinical Psychology, 58 (4). pp. 427-439. ISSN 0144-6657 (doi:10.1111/bjc.12221)

Bifulco, Antonia, Spence, Ruth, Nunn, Stephen ORCID:, Kagan, Lisa, Bailey-Rodriguez, Deborah, Hosang, Georgina M., Taylor, Matthew and Fisher, Helen L. (2019) Web-based measure of life events using Computerized Life Events and Assessment Record (CLEAR): preliminary cross-sectional study of reliability, validity, and association with depression. JMIR Mental Health, 6 (1). ISSN 2368-7959 (doi:10.2196/10675)

Billingham, Richard ORCID: (2019) New photographic work included in the international touring exhibition 'Photographers... Artists and the Snap Cardigan'. [Artefact]

Billingham, Richard ORCID: (2019) Ray & Liz, feature film for cinema, broadcast, DVD and online formats. [Film/Video]

Binks, Susan Elizabeth (2019) Facilitating leadership development with horses: Underpinnings of practice. DProf thesis, Middlesex University.

Bird, Jon (2019) Alfredo Jaar: Towards a Culture of Resistance [Curator]. [Show/Exhibition]

Bird, Jon (2019) If you go down to the woods today: Alfredo Jaar's sites of resistance. In: Title of Book forthcoming. Yorshire Sculpture Park. . (Accepted/In press)

Bishop, Chris, Pereira, Lucas A., Reis, Valter P., Read, Paul, Turner, Anthony N. and Loturco, Irineu ORCID: (2019) Comparing the magnitude and direction of asymmetry during the squat, countermovement and drop jump tests in elite youth female soccer players. Journal of Sports Sciences . pp. 1-8. ISSN 0264-0414 (Published online first) (doi:10.1080/02640414.2019.1649525)

Bishop, Chris, Read, Paul, Chavda, Shyam, Jarvis, Paul and Turner, Anthony N. (2019) Using unilateral strength, power and reactive strength tests to detect the magnitude and direction of asymmetry: A test-retest design. Sports, 7 (3). ISSN 2075-4663 (doi:10.3390/sports7030058)

Bishop, Chris, Turner, Anthony N., Maloney, Sean, Lake, Jason, Loturco, Irineu, Bromley, Tom and Read, Paul (2019) Drop jump asymmetry is associated with reduced sprint and change-of-direction speed performance in adult female soccer players. Sports, 7 (1). ISSN 2075-4663 (doi:10.3390/sports7010029)

Bixby, Honor, Bentham, James, Zhou, Bin, Di Cesare, Mariachiara, Paciorek, Christopher J. and NCD Risk Factor Collaboration, (NCD-RisC) (2019) Rising rural body-mass index is the main driver of the global obesity epidemic in adults [Letter]. Nature, 569 (7755). pp. 260-264. ISSN 0028-0836 (doi:10.1038/s41586-019-1171-x)

Bleakley, Paul (2019) Big fish, small pond: NGO–corporate partnerships and corruption of the environmental certification process in Tasmanian aquaculture. Critical Criminology . ISSN 1205-8629 (Published online first) (doi:10.1007/s10612-019-09454-8)

Bleakley, Paul (2019) Cleaning up the Dirty Squad: using the Obscene Publications Act as a weapon of social control. State Crime Journal, 8 (1). pp. 19-38. ISSN 2046-6056 (doi:10.13169/statecrime.8.1.0019)

Bleakley, Paul (2019) Days of alt-rage: using the Weatherman movement to deconstruct the radicalisation of the alt-right. Contemporary Politics . ISSN 1356-9775 (Published online first) (doi:10.1080/13569775.2019.1663395)

Bleakley, Paul (2019) 'Naive Kid' or 'Viruoso of Deceit'?: Tabloid media parochialism and the trials of Amanda Knox. Journal of Criminal Justice and Popular Culture, 19 (1). pp. 3-18. ISSN 1070-8286

Bleakley, Paul (2019) 'No action required': a historical pattern of inaction and discretion towards child sexual abuse in Queensland policing. The Police Journal: Theory, Practice, Principles . ISSN 0032-258X (Published online first) (doi:10.1177/0032258X19839281)

Bleakley, Paul and Bleakley, Cindy (2019) The data and deviance: disintegrative shaming and exclusion in Queensland schools. Interchange . ISSN 0826-4805 (Published online first) (doi:10.1007/s10780-019-09374-0)

Boddington, Jacqueline Anne (2019) Policy contexts and student identity/ies: a post ’92 university case study. PhD thesis, Middlesex University.

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Bruno, Barbara, Recchiuto, Carmine Tommaso, Papadopoulos, Irena ORCID:, Saffiotti, Alessandro, Koulouglioti, Christina, Menicatti, Roberto, Mastrogiovanni, Fulvio, Zaccaria, Renato and Sgorbissa, Antonio (2019) Knowledge representation for culturally competent personal robots: requirements, design principles, implementation, and assessment. International Journal of Social Robotics . ISSN 1875-4791 (Published online first) (doi:10.1007/s12369-019-00519-w)

Bulik, Karin Juliane Duvoisin and Colucci, Erminia ORCID: (2019) Refugees, resettlement experiences and mental health: a systematic review of case studies. Jornal Brasileiro de Psiquiatria, 68 (2). pp. 121-132. ISSN 0047-2085 (doi:10.1590/0047-2085000000235)

Burrell, Rachel-Rose (2019) The Black Majority Church: Exploring the impact of faith and a faith community on mental health and well-being. Other thesis, Middlesex University / Metanoia Institute.


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