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Aberg, E.Ulrika and Tapsell, Sue M. (2013) Revisiting the River Skerne: the long-term social benefits of river rehabilitation. Landscape and Urban Planning, 113 . pp. 94-103. ISSN 0169-2046

Abeysinghe, Geetha and Alsobhi, Aisha (2013) Social media readiness in small businesses. In: International Conference Information Systems, 13-15 Mar 2013, Lisbon, Portugal.

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Allen, Shirley and Scollan, Angela (2013) Investigating the experiences of early years practitioners to manage the complexities of policy change in times of economic recession. In: 23rd EECERA Conference: Values, Cultures & Contexts, 28-31 August, 2013, Tallin University, Estonia.

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Andriotis, Konstantinos (2013) The ‘antinomaian’ travel counterculture of Gavdos: an alternative mode of travelling. Annals of Tourism Research, 40 . pp. 40-58. ISSN 0160-7383

Andriotis, Konstantinos (2013) The antinomian travel counterculture of Gavdos: an alternative mode of travelling. Annals of Tourism Research, 40 . pp. 40-58. ISSN 0160-7383

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Baker, Shayne D. (2013) Making the implicit explicit: facilitating growth in others to realise effective organisational change. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Baldock, Robert (2013) SME finance in London - final report to the Greater London Authority. Project Report. Greater London Authority.

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Boyce, Sonia (2013) Move. [Film/Video]

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