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Haque, Md Mozzammel ORCID: (2020) Physical biology of biomembranes and biomolecules (PHYBIOM). [Doctorate by Public Works]


Arouri, Nadia (2019) Leadership insights from performing arts in and of exile, a live in the in-between. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Arp, Donald Keith (2019) Adventures in academic storytelling: using the tools of creative writing to produce peer-reviewed academic research. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Georgiadou, Elli (2019) A holistic method for improving software product and process quality. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Glebovskiy, Alexander (2019) Anti-fraud measures and inherent criminogenesis in business organisations. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Onatade, Raliat (2019) Advancing clinical pharmacy practice. [Doctorate by Public Works]


Bannock, Laurent (2018) Bridging the gap between science and practice in sport and exercise nutrition. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Bell, Belinda (2018) A career as a social entrepreneur: exploring social enterprise through institutional and critical theories. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Bendon, Helen ORCID: (2018) The artist as historyteller within museum and heritage sites. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Brinkworth, Adam (2018) Integration: A new design model for apparel and retail environments. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Kanellakis, Pavlo (2018) A system of research dissemination for clinical and counselling psychology. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Linke, Stuart (2018) “Down Your Drink” (DYD): a digital intervention to reduce harmful drinking. [Doctorate by Public Works]

O'Dair, Marcus (2018) Heteroglossia and ‘hagiography’: authorship, authorisation and the collective/ individual couplet in different every time and associated public works. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Schatzberger, Elliot ORCID: (2018) Legal educator as translator: a critical reflection. [Doctorate by Public Works]


Cook, Stephen (2017) Designing precise and flexible graphical modelling languages for software development. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Costa, Beverley (2017) An audit of the organisation Mothertongue multi-ethnic counselling service. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Cullen, Catherine Ann (2017) A City Out of Old Songs: the influence of ballads, hymns and children’s songs on an Irish writer and broadcaster. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Ferraro, Ruth (2017) From the intransitive to the transitive: emerging the Australian tax profession as a profession in its own right. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Haas, Michael (2017) Hitler’s musical 'Tabula Rasa' - Restitution - Restoration. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Hall, Ray (2017) Building a sense of belonging: exploring the design relationship between people and places. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Harper, Gregory J. (2017) Co-creating workforce capability solutions for Australian businesses and organisations: a sustainable university response. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Sandelson, Jennifer (2017) Crossing the line: establishing counselling training in hard to reach and marginalised communities. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Singh, Satwant (2017) Hoarding Disorder: new horizons. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Talbot, Mike (2017) Conflict, commerce and contact: Gestalt theory and conflict resolution. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Taylor, Nigel K. (2017) A case study (from a not-for-profit perspective) of a pathway to achieving higher levels of engagement and commitment between government and the community. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Thomas, Kimberley (2017) Women and sexual violence, paths to healing: resistance, rebellion, resilience and recovery. [Doctorate by Public Works]


Allen, Felicity (2016) Creating the ‘Disoeuvre’: interpreting feminist interventions as an expanded artistic practice in negotiation with art’s institutions. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Astbury, John (2016) All at sea? A critical appraisal of the C4 framework for the management of major maritime emergencies (MME). DProf thesis, Middlesex University.

Bailey, Philip George (2016) A planning practitioner’s reflections on managing complex scheduling challenges. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Edwards, J. Adam ORCID: and Hill, Vanessa ORCID: (2016) Demythologising librarianship: future librarians in a changing literacy landscape. [Doctorate by Public Works] (doi:10.13140/RG.2.1.1722.0249)

Laughton, David John (2016) Constructing employability as higher education practice – a reflective and reflexive account via an examination of my role as Director of the Centre for Excellence for Employability at Sheffield Hallam University, 2005-10. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Mead, Nicholas Charles (2016) Values in teacher education: developing professional knowledge through engaging with trainee teachers’ personal moral and political values in the context of standards-based teacher education. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Payne, Richard Michael (2016) Advancements and progressions in greyhound racing: a professional and personal trajectory. [Doctorate by Public Works]


Barnard, Josie ORCID: (2015) The multimodal writer: one practitioner’s experience of moving between different types of writing for different modes of dissemination. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Chitta, Kiran (2015) Change agility: growing the capacity for creative adjustment in ‘the global field’. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Choy, Junyu (2015) BARCH: a business analytics problem formulation and solving framework. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Clancy, Paula (2015) Building a think tank: an alternative, progressive public space in Ireland. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Cooper, Frances Nicola (2015) Enhancing the wellbeing and prospects of children and their families through training: from practice (doing) to theory (thinking) and back again. The development of a professional qualifications department in a service delivery organisation. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Fang, Wei (2015) Summary of my innovation and contributions to research on cultural productivity, contemporary literature and art, and strategic planning of culture construction. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Harding, Jacqueline ORCID: (2015) The development of a pilot tool for examining engagement and involvement in screen-based activities in the early years. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Pacey, Stephen James (2015) Judging the judge: boundaries, barriers and benefits. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Savić, Dobrica (2015) Leading change in information management. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Shipley, Nicholas John (2015) The university business of work-based learning. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Spring, Christopher James (2015) A way of life: considering and curating the Sainsbury African Galleries. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Strickland, Stephen (2015) Delivering the recommendations of the Fraud Review 2006 and the paradox of police leadership. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Wägenbaur, Bertrand Paul Karl (2015) The rules of procedure of the EU Courts - where arid rhymes with fertile. [Doctorate by Public Works]


Ceylan, Mevlut (2014) A coincidence of cultures: cultural dialogue: problems and prospects. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Cockersell, Peter (2014) Recovery through public works: a psychodynamic perspective on change and complexity at personal, organisational & social levels. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Hopkinson, Alan (2014) Professional librarianship: always preparing for the future. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Micheal, Soteroula (2014) The teaching methods in aesthetics in relation to the labour market needs in Cyprus. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Porteous, David ORCID: (2014) Utopian youth justice? [Doctorate by Public Works]

Shambayati, Behdad (2014) Extending the boundaries of cytology: a personal and professional journey. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Stelingis, Rytis Artūras (2014) Contributing to the origins and development of Gestalt psychotherapy in Lithuania 1993 to 2013. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Taylor, Julia Rachel Anne (2014) Transformation: change for improvement in healthcare. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Ward, Henry Benjamin Hawksley (2014) Teaching as an artistic practice. [Doctorate by Public Works]


Baker, Shayne D. (2013) Making the implicit explicit: facilitating growth in others to realise effective organisational change. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Eleftheriadou, Zack (2013) Incorporating cross-cultural issues in psychotherapy: a relational framework. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Ellis, Colin Timothy (2013) Investigating the behaviour of individual UK prices, and gauging the implications thereof for monetary policy. [Doctorate by Public Works]


Cartney, Patricia (2012) Researching pedagogy in a contested space. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Coca-Stefaniak, Jose Andres (2012) The evolving nature of town centre management internationally and my advocacy for a strategic global-local approach to practice and research in this profession. DProf thesis, Middlesex University.

Davies, Michael Glyn (2012) Critical aspects of therapy in the context of child care legal proceedings: an emerging framework. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Giannios, John N. (2012) From cancer researcher to opinion leadership and advocacy in translational medicine. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Iles, Christopher John (2012) Implementing financial management and governance in transitional states: reflections on introducing Western normative models of public internal financial control in the new Republic of Kosovo. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Nicodemus, Everlyn (2012) African modern art and black cultural trauma. [Doctorate by Public Works]


Carr, Sarah (2011) Administration or transformation? An exploration of personalisation reforms, service user participation and diversity strategies in adult social care. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Chan, Pearl Po chu (2011) Dance and dance education: developing dance education in Hong Kong and in mainland China. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Johnstone, Lucy Clare (2011) Psychological formulation: a radical perspective. [Doctorate by Public Works]


Burns, Susanne (2010) The systemic impact of a consultant within an organisational field. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Rock, David (2010) The neuroscience of leadership. [Doctorate by Public Works]


Roodhouse, Simon (2009) The cultural industries: creative definitions, quantifications and practice. [Doctorate by Public Works]


Persoff, Meir (2008) Another way, another time: an academic response to Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks' installation address, a decade of Jewish renewal. PhD thesis, Middlesex University.


Hadjikyprianou, Christophoros (2007) Enrolment management and consumer behaviour in higher education: a case study of successfully positioning and marketing an educational institution with reference to college choice factors. PhD thesis, Middlesex University.

Palmer, Adam (2007) Developing professional HR practice and teaching in the university sector. DProf thesis, Middlesex University.


Yashin, Mehmet (2006) Cypriot and Turkish literatures and cultures. [Doctorate by Public Works]


Montgomery, Diane (2005) Towards improving teaching and learning in primary teacher education and meeting the needs of all children. PhD thesis, Middlesex University.


Bernard, Claudia (2004) Reflecting on a journey: the development of a black feminist approach to childhood sexual abuse in black families. PhD thesis, Middlesex University.

Medhurst, Paul (2004) Context statement for submission for the degree of PhD (or MPhil) by published works [Global terrorism]. PhD thesis, Middlesex University.

Nutall, John (2004) An organising framework for personal psychotherapy integration. PhD thesis, Middlesex University.


Bearne, Eve (2003) Rethinking literacy: communication, representation and text. [Doctorate by Public Works]

Jindal, Rahul Mahendra (2003) Improving quality of life, emotional states and medical compliance in recipients of kidney transplants. PhD thesis, Middlesex University.

McGrath, Roberta (2003) Geographies of the body and the histories of photography. PhD thesis, Middlesex University.

Russell, Meg (2003) A second chamber for a modern democracy: a comparative study. PhD thesis, Middlesex University.

Vaughan, Phillip John (2003) Meeting the needs of adult mentally disordered offenders. PhD thesis, Middlesex University.


Mahmoud, Qusay H. (2002) Evolution of network computing paradigms: applications of mobile agents in wired and wireless networks. PhD thesis, Middlesex University.


Holmes, Carol A. V. (2001) Relational patterns of being in communicative psychotherapy. PhD thesis, Middlesex University.


Ebeling, Richard M. (2000) Austrian economics and the political economy of freedom. PhD thesis, Middlesex University.

Hoile, David (2000) Mozambique: resistance and freedom. PhD thesis, Middlesex University.


White, A. S. (1999) Mechatronics of systems with undetermined configurations. PhD thesis, Middlesex University.


Tame, Chris R. (1998) Towards a science of liberty: reclaiming a tradition in classical liberal thought. [Doctorate by Public Works]


Clulow, Christopher (1997) Partnerships in change. PhD thesis, Middlesex University.

Shindler, Colin (1997) A political and ideological history of the Likud Party of Israel 1931-1992. PhD thesis, Middlesex University.


Shutes, R. Brian E. (1995) The biological impacts of urban runoff waters. PhD thesis, Middlesex University.


Nicod, Michael (1981) An anthropological study of waiters in British hotels: their reward systems, underlying values and work organization. PhD thesis, Middlesex Polytechnic.

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