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Baraldi, Claudio and Farini, Federico (2011) Dialogic mediation in international groups of adolescents. Language and Dialogue, 1 (2) . pp. 207-232. ISSN 2210-4119 (doi:10.1075/ld.1.2.03bar)

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Farini, Federico (2014) Interpretation as a form of mediation for the bilingual dialogue between foreign citizens and institutions. A qualitative study of interpreted-mediated doctor-patient communication in Italian hospitals. JoSTrans: the Journal of Specialised Translation (22) . ISSN 1740-357X (Accepted/In press)

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Farini, Federico (2009) An improbable leadership: structural limits of educational communication. The case of some Italian primary schools. International Journal of Leadership in Education: Theory and Practice, 12 (4) . pp. 367-388. ISSN 1360-3124 (doi:10.1080/13603120902890359)

Farini, Federico (2013) The pragmatics of emotions in interlinguistic healthcare settings. Research in Language, 11 (2) . pp. 163-187. ISSN 2083-4616 (doi:10.2478/v10015-012-0025-5)

Townsley, Brooke (2008) Interpreting in the UK community: some reflections on public service interpreting in the UK. Language and Intercultural Communication, 7 (2) . pp. 163-171. ISSN 1470-8477 (doi:10.2167/laic272.0)

Book Section

Cortese, Delia ORCID: (2011) A dream come-true: empowerment through dreams reflecting Fāṭimid-Ṣulayḥid relations. In: Fortresses of the intellect: Ismaili and other islamic studies in honour of Farhad Daftary. Ali-De-Unzaga, Omar, ed. I.B. Tauris, pp. 387-402. ISBN 9781848856264, e-ISBN 9781786724663, e-ISBN 9781786734662.

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Longo, Abele (2014) Roma, viandanza dell’esilio. Rafael Alberti tradotto da Vittorio Bodini. In: «GIÀ TROPPE VOLTE ESULI» LETTERATURA DI FRONTIERA E DI ESILIO. Di Nunzio, Novella and Ragni, Francesco, eds. Morlacchi - Università degli Studi di Perugia, Perugia, Italy, pp. 105-120. ISBN 9788890642166.

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Townsley, Brooke, Braun, Sabine and Sandrelli, Annalisa (2014) Technological support for testing. In: Assessing Legal Interpreter Quality Through Testing and Certification: The Qualitas Project. Universidad de Alicante, Alicante, pp. 109-139. ISBN 9788497173087.

Townsley, Brooke, Ortega, Juan Miguel and Sandrelli, Annalisa (2014) Interpreting test format. In: Assessing Legal Interpreter Quality Through Testing and Certification: The Qualitas Project. Universidad de Alicante, Alicante, pp. 40-67. ISBN 9788497173087.

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Conference or Workshop Item

Cortese, Delia ORCID: (2012) Lost and found: the Sarguẕasht-i Sayyid-nā. Facts and fiction of Ḥasan-i Ṣabbāḥ’s travel to Egypt vis-à-vis the political and intellectual life of 5th/11th century Fāṭimid Cairo. In: Science in Context: The Dustūr al-Munjjimīn and its World. An Interdisciplinary Workshop on the Traditions of Science and Learning in the Ismaili Domain, 22-23 Jul 2011, Bonn, Germany. .

Cortese, Delia ORCID: (2012) Sitt al-Mulk: juggling troops, traps and throne at the Fāṭimid Court. In: Guerre et Paix dans le Proche-Orient Médiéval, 15-18 Dec 2011, Cairo, Egypt. .

Cortese, Delia ORCID: (2012) Transmitting sunnī learning in Fāṭimid Egypt: the female voices. In: 26th Congress of the Union Européenne des Arabisants et Islamisants (UEAI 26), 12-16 Sep 2012, Basel, Switzerland. .


Cortese, Delia ORCID: (2003) Arabic Ismaili manuscripts: the Zahid Ali Collection in the Institute of Ismaili Studies. I.B.Tauris, Institute for Ismaili Studies, London, New York. ISBN 9781860648601.

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Cortese, Delia ORCID: and Calderini, Simonetta (2006) Women and the Fatimids in the world of Islam. Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh. ISBN 9780748617333.

Townsley, Brooke, ed. (2016) Understanding justice: an enquiry into interpreting in civil justice and mediation. Middlesex University, London. ISBN 9781911371243.

Townsley, Brooke, Hertog, Erik, Giambruno, Cynthia, Corsellis, Ann, Ghiviriga, Teodora, Vanden Bosch, Yolanda, Martinsen, Bodil, Wolsh Rasmussen, Kirsten, Valero-Garces, Carmen, Maxwell-Hyslop, Hilary, Clement, Amanda, Sandrelli, Annalisa and Gorm Hansen, Inge (2011) Building mutual trust: a framework project for implementing EU common standards in legal interpreting and translation. Townsley, Brooke, ed. Building Mutual Trust . Middlesex University, London. .

Digital artefact

Townsley, Brooke, Corsellis, Ann, Vanden Bosch, Yolanda, Rombouts, Dirk, Maxwell-Hyslop, Hilary, Giambruno, Cynthia and Braun, Sabine Building mutual trust 2. [Digital artefact]


Billingham, Richard ORCID: (2019) Ray & Liz, feature film for cinema, broadcast, DVD and online formats. [Film/Video]

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