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Buchan, Suzanne (2016) (Re)Claiming cultural identity: Aboriginal animation from Cape Dorset to Quickdraw. In: The Oxford Handbook to Canadian Cinema. Straw, Will and Marchessault, Janine, eds. Oxford University Press. . (Accepted/In press)

Dack, John ORCID: (2016) La musique électroacoustique mixte: Interactions entre le ‘réel’ et le ‘virtuelle’. In: Les Musiques Electro-acoustiques ‘Mixtes’. INA/GRM, Paris, pp. 9-41. . (Accepted/In press)

Spinks, Tansy ORCID: (2016) The echo of Henry's ballad. [Performance]

Spinks, Tansy ORCID:, Cottell, Fran and Mueller, Maryanne (2016) Interpreting Bruce Nauman's 'walking round (the studio) playing one note on the violin' as an invited response to the site specific work Pentagon Petal. [Performance]

Spinks, Tansy ORCID: and Garrelfs, Iris (2016) Bowed lamps. [Performance]

Spinks, Tansy ORCID: and Garrelfs, Iris (2016) Performance for microphone and beach performed by The Lab of Sonic Possibility. [Performance]

Spinks, Tansy ORCID:, Nagle, Pete and Kraft, Rahel (2016) Black rice 1. [Performance]


Buchan, Suzanne (2015) Abjection, the performative and creativity in the works of Suzan Pitt, Tabaimo and Miwa Matreyek. In: 27th Annual International Society for Animation Studies Conference: Beyond the Frame, 13-16 Jul 2015, Canterbury, Kent, United Kingdom. .

Buchan, Suzanne (2015) ‘I see you’: agency and empathy in animation. In: Life Remade: The Politics and Aesthetics of Animation, Simulation and Rendering, 5-6 Jun 2015, Birkbeck London, UK. .

Buchan, Suzanne (2015) (Re)claiming Aboriginal identity: Inuit animation from Cape Dorset to Quickdraw. In: Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference, 25-29 Mar 2015, Montreal, Canada. .

Buchan, Suzanne and Janser, Andres (2015) Animated Wonderworlds / Animierte Wunderwelten Exhibition. [Show/Exhibition]

Buchan, Suzanne, Janser, Andres and Emmerling, Anna (2015) Animierte Wunderwelten / Animated Wonderworlds. Buchan, Suzanne and Janser, Andres, eds. Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland. ISBN 9783907265062.

Hodgson, Jonathan ORCID: (2015) Guantanamo Bay: the hunger strikes, animated documentary film [included in Animated Wonderworlds exhibition]. [Artefact]

Hodgson, Jonathan ORCID: (2015) RUG. [Film/Video] (Published online first)

Hodgson, Jonathan ORCID: (2015) [Film stills from 'Feel my way' (1997) and 'The man with the beatiful eyes' (1999) in TYPEMOTION: Type as Image in Motion]. In: TYPEMOTION: Type as Image in Motion. Scheffer, Bernd, Stenzer, Christine, Weibel, Peter and Zehle, Soenke, eds. Hatje Cantz Verlag, Centre fort Art and Media,Karlsruhe, Germany, pp. 251-258. ISBN 9783775737838.

Hodgson, Jonathan ORCID: and de Botton, Alain (2015) What comes after religion. [Film/Video] (Published online first)

Sandiland, Nic ORCID: (2015) Weighting. [Show/Exhibition]


Barritt, Paul (2014) The magic flute: animations. [Artefact]

Buchan, Suzanne (2014) Animation, in theory. In: Animating Film Theory. Beckman, Karen, ed. Duke University Press, Durham and London, pp. 111-127. ISBN 9780822356400. (doi:10.1215/9780822376811-008)

Buchan, Suzanne (2014) Visual heteronym and animation as process in Frank Geßner’s Alias Yederbeck. In: Alias Yederbeck. Expanded Animation Cinema. Gessner, Frank, ed. HFF "Konrad Wolf / RE-Voir, Potsdam-Babelsberg/ Paris, pp. 225-247. ISBN 9783000440809.

Dack, John ORCID: (2014) Forschung im inneren des klangs. Neue Zeitschrift für Musik.

Hodgson, Jonathan ORCID: (2014) The Banana Massacre [animation excerpt from ‘Banana land: blood, bullets and poison’]. [Film/Video] (Published online first)

Hodgson, Jonathan ORCID: (2014) Guantanamo Bay: the hunger strikes - based on the personal statements of five detainees at Guantánamo prison camp. Art Journal, 73 (2) . pp. 5-13. ISSN 0004-3249

Hodgson, Jonathan ORCID: (2014) Meron's story. [Film/Video] (Published online first)


Buchan, Suzanne (2013) Die Quay Brothers oder: «Die Produktivität des Fehlers». Montage AV. Zeitschrift fur Theorie und Geschichte audiovisueller Kommunikation, 22 (2) . pp. 17-31. ISSN 0942-4954

Buchan, Suzanne, ed. (2013) Pervasive animation. AFI Film Readers . Routledge. ISBN 9780415807241.

Buchan, Suzanne (2013) A cinema of apprehension: a third entelechy of the vitalist machine. In: Pervasive Animation. Buchan, Suzanne, ed. AFI Film Readers . Routledge, New York and London, pp. 143-171. ISBN 9780415807241.

Buchan, Suzanne (2013) Pervasive animation : an introduction. In: Pervasive Animation. Buchan, Suzanne, Branigan, Edward and Wolfe, Charles, eds. AFI Film Readers . Routledge, New York and London, pp. 1-21. ISBN 9780415807241.

Hodgson, Jonathan ORCID: (2013) Guantánamo Bay: the hunger strikes - video animation. [Film/Video]

Hodgson, Jonathan ORCID: (2013) The trouble with love & sex. [Artefact]

Hodgson, Jonathan ORCID: (2013) Jonathan Hodgson [Animation Sketchbook]. In: Animation Sketchbooks. Heit, Laura, ed. Thames & Hudson Ltd, London, United Kingdon, pp. 114-117. ISBN 9780500516751.

Parker, Osbert (2013) Misfits: strung out. [Film/Video]

Sandiland, Nic ORCID: (2013) Trip hazard. [Show/Exhibition]

Sandiland, Nic ORCID: (2013) Trip hazard. [Show/Exhibition]


Buchan, Suzanne (2012) Theatrical cartoon comedy: from animated portmanteau to the risus purus. In: A companion to film comedy. Horton, Andrew and Rapf, Joanna E., eds. Wiley-Blackwell, pp. 521-544. ISBN 9781444338591.

Dack, John ORCID: (2012) The nature of the instrument: Luciano Berio, instrumental thought and Schaefferian theory. In: Luciano Berio: nuove prospettive / new perspectives. De Benedictis, Angela Ida, ed. Chigiana (XLVIII) . Leo S. Olschki, Florence, Italy, pp. 337-358. ISBN 9788822261106.

Hodgson, Jonathan ORCID: (2012) Mostafaei: end the death penalty. [Film/Video]

Novati, Maria Maddalena and Dack, John, eds. (2012) The Studio Di Fonologia: a musical journey 1954-1983, update 2008-2012. Ricordi, Milan, Italy. ISBN 9788875929183.


Buchan, Suzanne (2011) The Quay Brothers: into a metaphysical playroom. University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis. ISBN 9780816646593.

Buchan, Suzanne (2011) Tricky spaces: animation, installation and spatial politics. In: Tricky women: Animationsfilmkunst von Frauen [= women in animation]. Grausgruber, Waltraud and Wagner, Birgitt, eds. Marburg, Germany. ISBN 9783894727239.

Buchan, Suzanne (2011) Ghosts in the machine: experiencing animation. In: Watch Me Move: The Animation Show. Hilty, Greg, ed. Merrell, London, pp. 28-38. ISBN 9781858945583.

Buchan, Suzanne (2011) Bruno Schulz's Generatio aequivoca: sites of (dis-)enchantment in the Quay Brothers' Street of Crocodiles. In: Anti tales: the uses of disenchantment. McAra, Catriona and Calvin, David, eds. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle upon Tyne, pp. 84-97. ISBN 9781443828697.

Buchan, Suzanne (2011) A metaphysics of space: the Quay Brothers atmospheric cosmogonies. In: Toward a New Interior: an Anthology of Interior Design Theory. Weinthal, Lois, ed. Princeton Architectural Press, New York, pp. 527-545. ISBN 9781616890308.

Hodgson, Jonathan ORCID: (2011) Wonderland: the trouble with love and sex. [Film/Video]

Nuhn, Ralf and Colle, Cecile (2011) ParaSites: new propositions. In: Music and Sonic Art: practices and theories. Lasker, George, Dack, John ORCID: and Dogantan-Dack, Mine, eds. The International Institute for Advanced Studies in Systems Research and Cybernetics, Ontario, pp. 11-15. ISBN 9781897233511.

Sandiland, Nic ORCID: (2011) Points of view. [Performance]


Buchan, Suzanne (2010) A curious chapter in the manual of animation: Stan VanDerBeek's animated spatial politics. Animation: an interdisciplinary journal, 5 (2) . pp. 173-196. ISSN Print ISSN: 1746-8477 Online ISSN: 1746-8485 (doi:10.1177/1746847710368325)

Dack, John ORCID: (2010) La musique électro-acoustique 'mixte'. In: Une étude des interactions entre le ‘réel’ et le ‘virtuel’. MINT-OMF Université Paris-Sorbonne, Paris. . (Accepted/In press)

Dack, John ORCID: (2010) From sound to music: from recording to theory. In: Recorded music: performance, culture and technology. Bayley, Amanda, ed. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, pp. 271-290. ISBN 9780521863094.

Sandiland, Nic ORCID: (2010) Everything looks beautiful in slow motion. [Show/Exhibition]

Sandiland, Nic ORCID: (2010) Gravity shift. [Show/Exhibition]

Sandiland, Nic ORCID: (2010) SPDT. [Artefact]

Sandiland, Nic ORCID: (2010) The blind man’s stick. [Show/Exhibition]

Sandiland, Nic ORCID: and Flexer, Yael (2010) ByPasser [Commissioned by Dance Digital]. [Show/Exhibition]

Sandiland, Nic ORCID:, Parry, Nye and Flexer, Yael (2010) Orbital. [Show/Exhibition]


Dack, John ORCID: (2009) Instrument, what do you want of us? In: Pierre Schaeffer. Gayou, Evelyne, ed. Portraits Polychromes (14) . Institut National de l'Audiovisuel, Paris, France, pp. 57-65. ISBN 9782869382107.

Dack, John ORCID: (2009) The electroacoustic music of Henri Pousseur and the open form. In: The modernist legacy: essays on new music. Heile, Bjorn, ed. Ashgate, Aldershot, pp. 177-188. ISBN 9780754662600.

Hodgson, Jonathan ORCID: (2009) Alko. [Film/Video]

Hodgson, Jonathan ORCID: (2009) The age of stupid. [Film/Video]


Dack, John ORCID: (2008) Instrument, que nous veux-tu? In: Pierre Schaeffer. Portraits Polychromes (14) . Ina GRM, France, pp. 57-66. ISBN 2869382091.

Dack, John ORCID: (2008) Music in space, space in music. Society for the Promotion of New Music: New Notes (6) . pp. 2-4.

Dack, John ORCID: and Gibbs, Tony (2008) A sense of place: a sense of space. In: Recorded Music: Philosophical and Critical Reflections. Dogantan-Dack, Mine, ed. Middlesex University Press, London. ISBN 9781904750277.

Dack, John ORCID: (2008) Spectral music and Schaefferian methodology. In: Spectral World Musics: proceedings of the Istanbul Spectral Music Conference. Reigle, Robert and Whitehead, Paul, eds. Pan Yayincilik, Istanbul, pp. 75-92. ISBN 9789944396271.

Nuhn, Ralf (2008) i'Nstall. In: Systems research in the arts and humanities: on interaction/ interactivity in music, design, visual and performative arts. Lasker, George, Luz, Ana, Dack, John ORCID: and Dogantan-Dack, Mine, eds. The International Institute for Advanced Studies in Systems Research and Cybernetics, Ontario, pp. 12-16. ISBN 9781897233092.

Sandiland, Nic ORCID: and Flexer, Yael (2008) Doing. [Show/Exhibition]


Buchan, Suzanne (2007) The animation fulcrum. In: Animated painting. Hertz, Betti-Sue, ed. San Diego Museum of Art, pp. 28-35. ISBN 9780937108376.

Buchan, Suzanne (2007) Oscillating at the 'high/low' art divide: curating and exhibiting animation. In: Issues in curating contemporary art and performance. Rugg, Judith and Sedgwick, Michèle, eds. Intellect, pp. 131-146. ISBN 9781841501628.

Dack, John ORCID: (2007) Acoulogie: an answer to Lévi-Strauss? In: EMS07 Online Proceedings. EMS07 Online Proceedings. .


Buchan, Suzanne, ed. (2006) Animated 'worlds'. John Libbey. ISBN 0861966619.

Buchan, Suzanne (2006) Animated chiaroscuro. In: 5th Norwich International Animation Festival. Pugh, Adam, ed. Norwich International Animation Festival, pp. 56-59. ISBN 9780955382208.

Buchan, Suzanne (2006) Playing with words: typography and text. In: 5th Norwich International Animation Festival. Pugh, Adam, ed. Norwich International Animation Festival, pp. 60-63. ISBN 9780955382208.

Dack, John ORCID: (2006) Henri Pousseur's 'Huit Etudes Paraboliques': the 'open' form as 'Remix'? In: IIASSRC Conference Proceedings. IIASSRC Conference Proceedings, pp. 19-24. ISBN 1-894613-53-8.

Dack, John ORCID: (2006) Translating Pierre Schaeffer: symbolism, literature and music. Musicacoustica 2006 .

Parker, Osbert, Gouldstone, Ian W., McKinnon, Matthew, Hill, Laurie and Bisineer, Meghana (2006) Yours truly (aka Head over heels). [Film/Video]

Sandiland, Nic ORCID: (2006) Benchmark. ArtsDepot arts centre, North Finchley, London. (doi:DVD)


Buchan, Suzanne and Janser, Andres (2005) Trickraum: spacetricks. Christoph Merian Verlag. ISBN 9783856162535.

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Sandiland, Nic ORCID: and Lee, Rosemary (2004) Remote dancing. [Film/Video]


Dack, John ORCID: (2003) Ear-training using the computer and PROGREMU Recueil des actes. In: 10e Journées d’Informatique Musicale. 10e Journées d’Informatique Musicale, pp. 1-10. .

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Dack, John ORCID: (2001) At the limits of Schaeffer's TARTYP. [Audio]

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Hodgson, Jonathan ORCID: and Hannah, Jonnie (2000) The man with the beautiful eyes. [Artefact]


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Hodgson, Jonathan ORCID: (1997) Feeling my way. [Film/Video]

Hodgson, Jonathan ORCID: (1997) Feeling my way [in TYPE MOTION exhibition]. [Artefact]


Dack, John ORCID: (1989) The relationship between electro-acoustic music and instrumental/vocal composition in Europe in the period 1948-1970. PhD thesis, Middlesex Polytechnic.

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