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Layzell, Richard (2018) The naming. Various venues and organizations.


Jeyasingh, Shobana (2017) Bayadère The Ninth Life. [Performance]

Jeyasingh, Shobana (2017) Here. [Performance]

Jeyasingh, Shobana (2017) Material men redux. [Performance]

Johansson, Ola (2017) Prefigurative performance in the age of political deception. The Drama Review, 61 (1). pp. 81-98. ISSN 1054-2043

Layzell, Richard (2017) Korea Town (installation) + The Korean Wave (performance). [Show/Exhibition]


Boddington, Ghislaine (2016) The games Europe plays. [Show/Exhibition]

Boddington, Ghislaine (2016) skintouchfeel as part of 'Technology Is Not Neutral" exhibition. [Artefact]

Jeyasingh, Shobana (2016) Etudes. [Performance]

Jeyasingh, Shobana (2016) Outlander. [Performance]

Johansson, Ola (2016) Prefigurative activism against AIDS in the United States and Africa. In: HIV/AIDS Activism. Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 1-19. (Accepted/In press)


Boddington, Ghislaine (2015) FutureFest - Nesta 2015. [Show/Exhibition]

Johansson, Ola (2015) Applied theatre workshop for the “world without war” conference in Auckland. In: APPLIED THEATRE WORKSHOP FOR THE “WORLD WITHOUT WAR” CONFERENCE IN AUCKLAND, 17-21 September 2015, UNITEC, Auckland, New Zealand.

Johansson, Ola (2015) Democrativity: beyond measurements of democracy in performance. In: International Federation of Theatre Research, 5-10 Jul 2015, Hyderabad, India.

Johansson, Ola (2015) Reconsidering the validation, efficacy and title of applied theatre. In: The Theatre & Performance Research Association (TaPRA) conference, 8-10 September 2015, Worchester.

Johansson, Ola (2015) The democrativity of applied theatre and performance art. In: IFTR (International Federation for Theatre Research), 5-10 Jul 2015, Hyderabad, India.

Layzell, Richard (2015) Softly Softly. [Show/Exhibition]


Jeyasingh, Shobana (2014) In Flagrante. [Film/Video]

Layzell, Richard and Parker, Janice (2014) Glory. [Performance]


Bannerman, Christopher and Donnelly, Anne (2013) Robert Cohan teaching: body of knowledge. [Digital artefact]

Boddington, Ghislaine and Proffit, Marie (2013) Women Shift Digital. [Show/Exhibition]


Lee, Rosemary (2012) On taking care: symposium. In: On taking care, 01 Dec 2012, London, UK.

Miller, Graeme (2012) On air. [Show/Exhibition]

Wallen, Errollyn (2012) Principia. [Composition]

Wallen, Errollyn (2012) Spirit in motion. [Composition]


Layzell, Richard (2011) Falling Phoebe. [Performance]

Lee, Rosemary (2011) Square dances (and Melt down). [Performance]

Wallen, Errollyn and Greer, Bonnie (2011) Yes. [Composition]

Wang, Chuanliang and Bannerman, Christopher and Xu, Rui and Pan, Li and Mu, Yu and Jin, Hao and Tong, Yan and Qing, Qing and Liu, Chun and Zhang, Ping and Claid, Emilyn and Hutera, Donald and O'Shea, Janet and Rae, Paul and Mezur, Katherine and Inata, Naomi and Wang, Mei and Liu, Yan and Wang, Zihan and Wang, Yabin and Zhao, Zhibo and Guo, Tuantuan and Jiang, Qier and Liu, Jie (2011) Danscross: dancing in a shaking world. The Danscross papers, Beijing 2009. Journal of Beijing Dance Academy .


Miller, Graeme (2010) Moth theatre. [Show/Exhibition]


Bannerman, Christopher (2009) Viewing a/new: the landscape of dance in 2009. Research in Dance Education, 10 (3). pp. 231-240. ISSN 1470-1111

Bannerman, Christopher and McLaughlin, Cahal (2009) Collaborative ethics in practice-as-research. In: Practice-as research In performance and screen. Fuschini, Ludivine and Jones, Simon and Kershaw, Baz and Piccini, Angela, eds. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke. ISBN 9780230220010

Bannerman, Christopher and Xu, Rui (2009) Danscross: dancing in a shaking world. [Performance]

Layzell, Richard (2009) Bricole di Venezia [public art project in Fortuna Park, Colchester]. [Show/Exhibition]

Layzell, Richard (2009) Everyday jewels. [Artefact]

Layzell, Richard (2009) Key notes. [Performance]

Layzell, Richard (2009) One mile squared: the river flows in many directions at the same time. [Show/Exhibition]

Layzell, Richard (2009) The river flows. [Performance]

Lee, Rosemary (2009) Library dances [performed in Cyprus]. [Performance]

Lee, Rosemary and Mann, Terry (2009) Common dance. [Performance]

Miller, Graeme (2009) Bassline: London. [Show/Exhibition]

Miller, Graeme (2009) Beheld. [Show/Exhibition]

Miller, Graeme (2009) Conjunction. [Show/Exhibition]

Miller, Graeme (2009) Requiem for the redhead. [Composition]

Miller, Graeme (2009) The Thinking Path. [Film/Video]

Miller, Graeme (2009) Unbeheld. [Show/Exhibition]

Miller, Graeme (2009) The moment I saw you I knew I could love you. [Composition]

Parker, Janice and Layzell, Richard (2009) Private dancer. [Performance]

Wallen, Errollyn and Wallen, Byron (2009) Wallen. [Performance]


Bannerman, Christopher (2008) Proximity, wisdom and creativity. In: Creativity, wisdom and trusteeship: exploring the role of education. Craft, Anna and Gardner, Howard and Claxton, Guy, eds. Corwin Press, California, pp. 23-37. ISBN 9781412949392

Layzell, Richard (2008) Digitalis [permanent exhibition in Shropshire]. [Show/Exhibition]

Layzell, Richard (2008) Suit the action to the word. [Performance]

Layzell, Richard (2008) White on white. [Show/Exhibition]

Layzell, Richard (2008) The manifestation. [Show/Exhibition]

Layzell, Richard (2008) The table. [Film/Video]

Layzell, Richard (2008) Cream pages: the dialogues of Tania Koswycz and Richard Layzell. Sofaer, Joshua, ed. Middlesex University: Res-Cen publications, London. ISBN 9780955059148

Lee, Rosemary (2008) Aiming for stewardship and not ownership. In: An Introduction to Community Dance Practice. Amans, Diane, ed. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, pp. 76-86. ISBN 9780230551695

Miller, Graeme (2008) The flying machine. [Performance]

Wallen, Errollyn and Binias, John (2008) Carbon 12: a choral symphony. [Composition]

Wallen, Errollyn and Farberoff, Dan (2008) Falling. [Composition]


Bannerman, Christopher (2007) [Digital artefact]

Layzell, Richard (2007) A great technician. In: "Dead History, Live Art? Spectacle, Subjectivity, and Subversion in Visual Culture since the 1960s. Harris, Jonathan, ed. Liverpool University Press, Liverpool, pp. 51-70. ISBN 9780853234388

Lee, Rosemary (2007) The suchness of Heni and Eddie. [Film/Video]

Wallen, Errollyn (2007) The Silent Twins. [Composition]


Bannerman, Christopher (2006) Mapping dance provision: Confidential Report for Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). Project Report. Department of Culture, Media and Sport.

Bannerman, Christopher and Sofaer, Joshua and Watt, Jane (2006) Navigating the unknown: the creative process in contemporary performing arts. Middlesex University Press / ResCen Publications, Hendon, London. ISBN 9781904750550

Miller, Graeme (2006) Held (aka Beheld). [Show/Exhibition]


Broadhead, Caroline and Miller, Graeme (2005) Breathing Space. [Show/Exhibition]

Wallen, Errollyn (2005) About Errollyn: reflections on the artist as creator and performer. [Image]

Wallen, Errollyn (2005) Our English Heart: cantata for soprano solo, male chorus and orchestra. [Performance]


Layzell, Richard (2004) [75 Year] Transition. [Show/Exhibition]

Miller, Graeme (2004) Bassline. [Performance]

Sandiland, Nic and Lee, Rosemary (2004) Remote dancing. [Film/Video]


Boddington, Ghislaine and Bannerman, Christopher (2003) Sharing the process: a consideration of interauthorship in the performing arts. Digital Creativity, 15 (2). pp. 76-80. ISSN 1462-6268

Layzell, Richard (2003) Art Work/Work art. [Performance]

Lee, Rosemary and Hinton, David (2003) Snow. [Film/Video]

Miller, Graeme (2003) Linked: M11 Link Road, London. [Show/Exhibition]

Miller, Graeme (2003) Lonesome Way. [Show/Exhibition]


Lee, Rosemary (2001) Passage. ResCen publications.

Wallen, Errollyn (2001) Jordan Town. [Performance]


Jones, Simon (1990) Music and symbolic creativity. In: Common Culture: Symbolic Work at Play in the Everyday Cultures of Young People. Willis, Paul, ed. Oxford University Press, Buckingham, pp. 59-83. ISBN 0335094317

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