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Inglis, Brian (2015) A Christmas alleluia: for SATB choir and organ. [Composition]

Inglis, Brian (2015) Wedding. [Composition]

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Evans, François (2014) Game over. [Film/Video]

Evans, François (2014) Gray matters (the electroacoustic film music of Barry Gray). In: Music and Screen Media Conference, 25-26 Jun 2014, University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK.

Evans, François (2014) The beseeching tone: The 'Musifex' of Barry Gray and their implications for composers. In: Music for Audio Visual Media, 4-6 Sept 2014, University of Leeds.


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Inglis, Brian and Shiel, Derek and Evans, François (2009) Symphony no. 2. [Composition]


Evans, François (2008) Barry Gray centenary concert. [Show/Exhibition]


Dromey, Christopher and Anastasiades, Mario and Yiangou, Christiana (2007) Three Pedagogic Innovations to Improve Learning on the BA Music and Arts Management Programme. In: Conference co-presented by the School of Health and Social Science and the Centre for Learning and Quality Enhancement (CLQE) “On Formative Assessment”, 12 Nov 2007, Middlesex University, London, UK.

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Evans, François (2006) Martyr. [Film/Video]


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Evans, François (1999) The 3 kings. [Film/Video]


Evans, François (1998) Sudden fury. [Film/Video]


Evans, François (1997) Hitman. [Film/Video]

Evans, François (1997) Pervirella. [Film/Video]


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