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Allardyce, Duncan, Bell, Celia M. and Loizidou, Erika (2019) Argyrin B a non-competitive inhibitor of the human immunoproteasome exhibiting preference for β1i. Chemical Biology and Drug Design . ISSN 1747-0277

Zeinalipour-Yazdi, Constantinos D. and Loizidou, Erika (2017) Study of the cap structure of (3,3), (4,4) and (5,5)-SWCNTs: application of the sphere-in-contact model. Carbon, 115 . pp. 819-827. ISSN 0008-6223

Loizidou, Erika, Inoue, Nicholas T., Ashton-Barnett, Johnny, Barrow, David A. and Allender, Chris J. (2016) Evaluation of geometrical effects of microneedles on skin penetration by CT scan and finite element analysis. European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics, 107 . pp. 1-6. ISSN 0939-6411

Loizidou, Erika, Williams, Nicholas. A., Barrow, David A., Eaton, Mark J., McCrory, John, Evans, Sam L. and Allender, Chris J. (2015) Structural characterization and transdermal delivery studies on sugar microneedles: experimental and finite element modelling analyses. European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics, 89 . pp. 224-231. ISSN 0939-6411

Loizidou, Erika and Zeinalipour-Yazdi, Constantinos D. (2014) Computational inhibition studies of the human proteasome by argyrin-based analogues with subunit specificity. Chemical Biology and Drug Design, 84 (1). pp. 99-107. ISSN 1747-0277

Nicolaou, C. A., Kannas, C. and Loizidou, Erika (2012) Multi-objective optimization methods in de novo drug design. Mini Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry, 12 (10). pp. 979-987. ISSN 1389-5575

Loizidou, Erika, Sun, Lifang and Zeinalipour-Yazdi, Constantinos (2011) Receptor-attached amphiphilic terpolymer for selective drug recognition in aqueous solutions. Journal of Molecular Recognition, 24 (4). pp. 678-686. ISSN 0952-3499

Loizidou, Erika, Zeinalipour-Yazdi, Constantinos, Christofides, Tasos and Kostrikis, Leondios G. (2009) Analysis of binding parameters of HIV-1 integrase inhibitors: correlates of drug inhibition and resistance. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry, 17 (13). pp. 4806-4818. ISSN 0968-0896

Loizidou, Erika, Kousiappa, Ioanna, Zeinalipour-Yazdi, Constantinos, Van De Vijver, David A. M. C. and Kostrikis, Leondios G. (2009) Implications of HIV-1 M group polymorphisms on intergase inhibitor efficacy and resistance: genetic and structural in-silico analyses. Biochemistry, 48 (1). pp. 4-6. ISSN 0006-2960

Loizidou, Erika, Nicolaou, Christos, Nicolaides, Athanasios and Kostrikis, Leondios G. (2007) HIV-1 integrase inhibitors: from biology to chemotherapeutics. Current HIV Research, 5 (4). pp. 365-388. ISSN 1570-162X

Nicolaou, K. C., Frederick, Michael O., Loizidou, Erika, Petrovic, Goran, Cole, Kevin P., Koftis, Theocharis V. and Yamada, Yoichi M. A. (2006) Second generation total synthesis of azaspiracids-1, -2 and -3. Chemistry: an Asian Journal, 1 (1-2). pp. 245-263. ISSN 1861-4728

Nicolaou, K. C., Frederick, Michael O., Petrovic, Goran, Cole, K. P. and Loizidou, Erika (2006) Total synthesis and confirmation of the revised structures of azaspiracid-2 and azaspiracid-3. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 45 (16). pp. 2609-2615. ISSN 1433-7851

Nicolaou, K. C., Pihko, Petri M., Bernal, Federico, Frederick, Michael O., Qian, Wenyuan, Uesaka, Noriaki, Diedrichs, Nicole, Hinrichs, Jürgen, Koftis, Theocharis V., Loizidou, Erika, Petrovic, Goran, Rodriquez, Manuela, Sarlah, David and Zou, Ning (2006) Total synthesis and structural elucidation of azaspiracid-1 : construction of key building blocks for originally proposed structure. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 128 (7). pp. 2244-2257. ISSN 0002-7863

Nicolaou, K. C., Sasmal, Pradip K., Koftis, Theocharis V., Converso, Antonella, Loizidou, Erika, Kaiser, Florian, Roecker, A. J., Dellios, Constantinos C., Sun, Xiao-Wen and Petrovic, Goran (2005) Studies toward the synthesis of azadirachtin, part 2 : construction of fully functionalized ABCD ring frameworks and unusual intramolecular reactions induced by close-proximity effects. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 44 (22). pp. 3447-3452. ISSN 1433-7851

Loizidou, Erika, Zeinalipour-Yazdi, Constantinos and Sun, Lifang (2004) Artificial receptor-attached amphiphilic copolymer for barbiturate binding in aqueous media. Biomacromolecules, 5 (5). pp. 1647-1652. ISSN 1525-7797

Vamvakaki, M., Hadjiyiannakou, S. C., Loizidou, Erika and Patrickios, C. S. (2001) Synthesis and characterization of novel networks with nano-engineered structures: cross-linked star homopolymers. Chemistry of Materials, 13 (12). pp. 4738-4744. ISSN 0897-4756

Book Section

Frederick, Michael O., Cole, Kevin P., Petrovic, Goran, Loizidou, Erika and Nicolaou, K. C. (2007) Structural assignment and total synthesis of azaspiracid-1. In: Phycotoxins: chemistry and biochemistry. Botana, Luis M., ed. Wiley-Blackwell, Ames, Iowa, pp. 297-309. ISBN 9780813827001

Conference or Workshop Item

Loizidou, Erika, Yagnik, Darshna, Szalecka, Monika and Nguyen, Dao Thanh Thuong (2019) The potential use of microneedles as an alternative method for skin cancer treatment. In: The World Congress on Advanced Treatments and Technologies in Skin Cancer (Skin-Cancer2019), 4-5 Apr 2019, Vienna, Austria.

Allardyce, Duncan, Bell, Celia M. and Loizidou, Erika (2017) Analysis of argyrin B binding at constitutive and immunoproteasome active sites using molecular modelling and kinetic assays. In: Computational Advances in Drug Discovery (Structure Based Drug Design), 05-08 Sep 2017, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Loizidou, Erika and Jones, Huw (2016) Teaching atomic structure as a threshold concept in chemistry for biologists. In: 253rd American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition, 02-06 Apr 2017, San Francisco, CA, USA.

Loizidou, Erika and Zeinalipour-Yazdi, Constantinos (2014) Design of argyrin analogues as proteasome inhibitors with subunit specicificity. In: 247th ACS National Meeting, 16-20 Mar 2014, Dallas, TX, USA.

Loizidou, Erika, Ashton-Barnett, J., Barrow, David A. and Allender, Chris J. (2014) Simulating the effect of geometry on the structural properties of microneedles. In: Perspectives in Percutaneous Penetration Fourteenth International Conference including FP7 HIPODERM Symposium on High Potency Dermatologicals, 23-25 Apr 2014, La Grande Motte, France.

Loizidou, Erika, Barrow, David A. and Allender, Chris J. (2014) Structural properties of sugar microneedles: a finite element analysis. In: Perspectives in Percutaneous Penetration Fourteenth International Conference including FP7 HIPODERM Symposium on High Potency Dermatologicals, 23-25 Apr 2014, La Grande Motte, France.

Loizidou, Erika and Zeinalipour-Yazdi, C. (2012) Rational design of argyrin analogues as selective inhibitors of the proteasome. In: COST Conference on Personalised Medicine, 17-22 Jun 2012, Larnaca, Cyprus.

Loizidou, Erika, Kousiappa, I., Zeinalipour-Yazdi, C., Van De Vijver, D. and Kostrikis, L. G. (2009) Structure-based computational analysis of the implications of subtype specific polymorphisms on the efficacy of integrase inhibitors. In: 7th European HIV Drug Resistance Workshop, Stockholm, Sweden.

Loizidou, Erika and Sun, Lifang (2003) Molecular recognition of barbiturate artificial receptor covalently bound to an amphiphilic copolymer. In: 226th ACS National Meeting, September 7-11, 2003, New York, New York, USA.

Loizidou, Erika and Sun, L. (2003) Molecular recognition of barbiturate artificial receptor covalently bound to an amphiphilic copolymer. In: International Symposium on the Synthesis and Characterization of Macromolecules, 07-11 Feb 2003, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Loizidou, Erika, Zhang, K. and Sun, L. (2002) Characterization of amphiphilic polymers covalently attached with Pirkle-concept chiral selectors for chiral seperations by Merck. In: 224th ACS National Meeting, 18 Aug 2002.

Loizidou, Erika, Haralambous, D., Vamvakaki, M., Patrickios, C. S., Krasia, T. and Antonietti, M. (2001) AB diblock and ABC triblock amphiphilic copolymers containing fluorine. In: 221th ACS National Meeting, 01 Apr 2001, San Diego, CA, USA.


Loizidou, Erika (2006) Part I: total synthesis of azaspiracid-3 Part II: molecular recognition studies in aqueous solutions facilitated by a receptor-modified polymer. PhD thesis, University of California San Diego / San Diego State University.

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