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Kolb, Alexandra (2016) Wigman’s witches: Reformism, Orientalism, Nazism. Dance Research Journal, 48 (2). pp. 26-43. ISSN 0149-7677

Kolb, Alexandra (2016) The body of the people: East German dance since 1945 by Jens Richard Giersdorf (review). German Studies Review, 39 (2). pp. 416-419. ISSN 0149-7952

Kolb, Alexandra (2016) Jenn Joy: 'The Choreographic'. Cambridge, Massachusetts: The MIT Press, 2014. (Review). Dance Research . ISSN 0264-2875 (Accepted/In press)

Kolb, Alexandra (2014) Royd Climenhaga (ed.), The Pina Bausch Sourcebook: The Making of Tanztheater, Abingdon, Oxon and New York: Routledge, 2013 [Review]. Dance Research, 32 (1). pp. 93-97. ISSN 0264-2875

Kolb, Alexandra (2013) Current trends in contemporary choreography: a political critique. Dance Research Journal, 45 (3). pp. 29-52. ISSN 0149-7677

Kolb, Alexandra (2013) The migration and globalization of Schuhplattler dance: a sociological analysis. Cultural Sociology, 7 (1). pp. 39-55. ISSN 1749-9755

Kolb, Alexandra and Briggs, Hahna and Miyahara, Motohide (2012) Able as anything: integrated dance performance in New Zealand. Brolga: An Australian Journal about Dance, 37 . pp. 16-30.

Kolb, Alexandra and Kalogeropoulou, Sophia (2012) In defence of Ballet: women, agency and the philosophy of pleasure. Dance Research, 30 (2). pp. 107-125. ISSN 0264-2875

Kolb, Alexandra (2012) Overt and covert politics in contemporary choreography. Jahrbuch Tanzforschung, 22 . pp. 34-44. ISSN 0940-1008

Kolb, Alexandra (2011) On the politics of interdisciplinary collaboration. Brolga: an Australian Journal about Dance (35). pp. 27-36. ISSN 1322-7645

Kolb, Alexandra (2010) Dying for the cause: choreographing the myths of Ulrike Meinhof and Wolfgang Grams. The International Journal of the Arts in Society, 5 (3). pp. 275-284. ISSN ISSN: 1833-1866

Kolb, Alexandra (2009) Mata Hari's dance in the context of femininity and exoticism. Mandrágora, 15 . pp. 58-79. ISSN 1517-0241

Kolb, Alexandra (2009) Nijinsky's images of homosexuality: three case studies. Journal of European Studies, 39 (2). pp. 147-171. ISSN 0047-2441

Kolb, Alexandra (2009) Theatricalising terrorism: Johann Kresnik’s Ulrike Meinhof and the Red Army Faction. About Performance (9). pp. 127-148. ISSN 1324-6089

Kolb, Alexandra (2008) The never-ending trembling and vomiting of the soul: Carl Sternheim's critique of the modern dance movement. Discourses in Dance, 4 (2). pp. 59-71.

Kolb, Alexandra (2007) ‘There was never anythin’ like this!!!’ Valeska Gert's performances in the context of Weimar culture. The European Legacy, 12 (3). pp. 293-309. ISSN 1084-8770

Kolb, Alexandra (2006) Dance and political conflict: three comparative case studies. The International Journal of the Arts in Society, 1 (2). pp. 17-21. ISSN 1833-1866

Book Section

Kolb, Alexandra (2016) Ausdruckstanz. In: Das große Tanzlexikon: Personen - Werke - Tanzkulturen - Epochen. Woitas, Monika and Hartmann, Annette, eds. Laaber, pp. 33-36.

Kolb, Alexandra (2016) China in the throes of modernization: intercultural exchange, hybridity, and ArtsCross. In: The Oxford Handbook of Dance and Politics. Kowal, Rebekah and Siegmund, Gerald and Martin, Randy, eds. Oxford University Press. (Accepted/In press)

Kolb, Alexandra (2016) Grete Wiesenthal. In: Routledge Encyclopedia of Modernism. Routledge. (Accepted/In press)

Kolb, Alexandra (2016) Hexentanz. In: Das große Tanzlexikon: Personen - Werke - Tanzkulturen - Epochen. Hartmann, Annette and Woitas, Monika, eds. Laaber, pp. 272-273.

Kolb, Alexandra (2016) Mary Wigman. In: Das große Tanzlexikon: Personen - Werke - Tanzkulturen - Epochen. Laaber, pp. 682-684.

Kolb, Alexandra (2016) Schuhplattler. In: Das große Tanzlexikon: Personen - Werke - Tanzkulturen - Epochen. Hartmann, Annette and Woitas, Monika, eds. Laaber, p. 548.

Kolb, Alexandra (2015) Collaboration, democracy and the total artwork. In: Collaboration in Performance Practice – Premises, Workings and Failures. Sachsenmaier, Stefanie and Colin, Noyale, eds. Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 51-74.

Kolb, Alexandra (2011) Cross-currents of dance and politics: an introduction. In: Dance and Politics. Kolb, Alexandra, ed. Peter Lang, Oxford, pp. 1-35. ISBN 9783039118489

Kolb, Alexandra (2011) Terror without end? Choreographing the Red Army Faction and Weather Underground. In: Dance and Politics. Kolb, Alexandra, ed. Peter Lang, Oxford, pp. 89-115. ISBN 9783039118489

Kresnik, Johann and Kolb, Alexandra (2011) ‘Theatre has to become political again…’. Interview by Alexandra Kolb. In: Dance and Politics. Kolb, Alexandra, ed. Peter Lang, Oxford, pp. 67-87. ISBN 9783039118489

Kolb, Alexandra (2008) Goodbye GDR! German reunification in Johann Kresnik's Wendewut. In: Theatre in the Berlin Republic. Varney, Denise, ed. Peter Lang, pp. 267-285. ISBN 9783039111107

Conference or Workshop Item

Kolb, Alexandra (2015) Dancing the everyday: some very ordinary and private experiences. In: Theatre and Democracy (IFTR conference). (Accepted/In press)

Kolb, Alexandra (2015) Mary Wigman the witch. In: Cut & Paste: Dance Advocacy in the Age of Austerity, SDHS conference, Athens. (Accepted/In press)

Kolb, Alexandra (2012) Collaboration and democracy: a critique. In: Collaboration in Performance Making, 04 May 2012, London, UK.


Colin, Noyale and Sachsenmaier, Stefanie and Murray, Simon and Kolb, Alexandra and Ruhsam, Martina and Cull, Laura and Manning, Erin and Forster, Ewan and Heighes, Chris and Jeeves, Tim and Salata, Kris and Brown, Carol and De Senna, Pedro and Bowditch, Caroline and Nepia, Moana and Bower, David and Melrose, Susan and Claid, Emilyn (2016) Collaboration in performance practice: premises, workings and failures. Colin, Noyale and Sachsenmaier, Stefanie, eds. Palgrave, London. ISBN 9781137462459

Kolb, Alexandra, ed. (2011) Dance and politics. Peter Lang, Oxford. ISBN 9783039118489

Kolb, Alexandra (2009) Performing femininity: dance and literature in German modernism. Cultural History and Literary Imagination, 12 . Peter Lang, Oxford. ISBN 9783039113514

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