Context statement: The systemic impact of a consultant within an organisational field

Appendix One: Curriculum vitae

Appendix Two: Business plan and branding materials

Appendix Three: Review of the leadership literature

Appendix Four: Culture campus development plan

Appendix Five: LJMU: MA cultural leadership validation document

Appendix Six: Liverpool biennial

Appendix Seven: LARC structural review

Appendix Eight: Curious minds: training needs analysis and organisational development reports

Appendix Nine: Dance TimeLine

Appendix Ten: ‘Dancing with figures’

Appendix Eleven: ‘Mapping dance in higher education’: report for Palatine

Appendix Twelve: ACE dance mapping

Appendix Thirteen: AIMAC paper 2000

Appendix Fourteen: Youth Dance England: Evaluation of next steps/ dance links

Appendix Fifteen: Dance training and accreditation project research report

Appendix Sixteen: DTAP conference and diploma in teaching and learning in dance (children and young people)

Appendix Seventeen: Systems leadership

Appendix Eighteen: New directions report

Appendix Nineteen: Artists working in participatory settings: original research for PHF

Appendix Twenty: YDE tender

Appendix Twenty One: In harmony Liverpool interim evaluation report and framework

Appendix Twenty Two: BDE 2008 evaluation and toolkit

Appendix Twenty Three: Canada dance alliance presentation

Appendix Twenty Four: Brief for consultancy with Lyceum and Traverse theatres, Edinburgh